Feet & hand shots {courtesy of Steven Debrowski/Natural Home & Garden}

Solutions to our problems start with us. We must not wait on outsiders.”~ Wangari Maathai ~

[Written Friday, April 28]

Another week comes to a close, tomatoes have been transplanted from the nursery, orders delivered, house tidying, errands run and Sabbath day plans made.

Tonight a girl friend will be coming over for our weekly Friday movie night. Tonight we’ll be watching the firstLOTR extended version. This trilogy is one of our favorite movies (love the story and with me being Kiwi born – the gorgeous scenery) It should be fun and relaxing evening after a hard week of work. We (I) want to live in the shire (a simple, down to earth, agrarian base community) I think I should fit right in – notice how the all hobbits don’t wear any shoes (yep, those are my bare feet in photo above). However, sometimes, one must journey outside your front door and that, as Bilbo Baggins says, “”It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. ”

It was another dreary day, we didn’t see the sun at all day – not even a peek. The coastal Eddie (as this weather phenomenon is called ) certainly is socking the southland in a dense layer of fog.  The sun is supposed to shine sometime this week and we look forward to warmer weather so we can start planning on hatching the baby chickies. As for the goat, the lady that we went to see a few weeks back sold the one we were interested in. We told her early in the week we’d be by sometime this weekend to see it – oh well, can’t cry over spilled milk.   Now we have to wait till her last expectant mother gives birth and to, hopefully, a girl.   Jordanne now is looking for other breeders in the area so that we have other options open.

Posting interrupted, some other friends just pulled up! Posting will continue another day. Have a good weekend.

“The one small garden of a free gardener was all his need and due, not a garden swollen to a realm; his own hands to use, not the hands of others to command.” – LOTR


  1. Debra says:

    I htought I would mention that I just saw a story on MSNBC about Bio-diesel. The guy they interviewed gets his oil from a chinese restaurant and it takes 2.5 hours per week to make enough for the week. Interesting how everyone is looking at alternate sources of fuel these days!

  2. Essie says:

    Dear Anaïs,
    As I was driving today through Vista, SO CAL, I saw a lot with a bunch of goats and a sign that said Goat For Sale. It was on Vista Village Drive, close to Bonsall. (HW 15)
    Maybe the seller is someone your family likes to contact?

    I read the magazine article and loved the chicken article as well. Unfortunately we are not allowed the have any chicks in our community. I totally love http://www.Omlet.uk site. The coolest small chickencoop ever!
    Keep up the postings!

  3. claire says:

    I love walking about in bare feet, very healthy! hope you enjoy your movie, I love the LOTR, how brilliantly they portrayed it, haven’t seen the extended versions yet but I know somebody I can borrow them from,