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Q. We have been trying to use less plastic for food storage in our home. Canning/recycled jars are very efficient and work well, but not everything fits into a jar! I was wondering what you did to keep your home made bread fresh. Currently, I wrap the loaves individually in a tea towel. This is only a short term storage solution as the bread will go stale for longer storage. The two loaves per batch are usually eaten quickly with my large family, but I was wondering for longer storage what solution you use.


A. Ridding ourselves of plastics is certainly challenging. I oftentimes think to myself, “how’d they do this in the ‘old days’ before plastic (aka ‘BP’)?”

I invested in a bread box and it seems to work in our dry climate at keeping bread fresh for about a week. Also, I have started to make breads (4 at a time) with “hard outer crusts” similar to French breads. These seem to last much longer than regular loaf bread which, if I can remember correctly, are a “modern” food coming to popularity when stoves were invented.

You have a point there about long term storage for bread and I think that’s been a problem for centuries hence the invention of crackers! 😉 In Europe in some villages bread is delivered or bought on a daily basis – giving true meaning to the term “daily bread.” There are many types of breads from all over the world perhaps experimenting with a few (and with different grains) to see if they might last longer than regular loaf breads.

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