Newspaper clipping of Jules Dervaes Sr

Once and awhile we like to check the PTF’s referral links to see where folks are coming from. Most recently a high hit referral link caught my eye — majorityrights.com? Why on earth would anybody be coming from there?  Clicking on the link and to my surprise THIS showed up.

…What the father of Jules Dervaes, Sr. did was leave a legacy of increased carrying capacity that—if even partially adopted by the “native” population—pays so richly for his small impact on the ethnic genetic interests that it puts all but the North American Midwestern prairie farmers to shame. He did so via his son, Jules Dervaes, Sr. and grandson, Jules Dervaes, Jr. Dervaes Jr. has, during the time of the American Clearances—when the formerly agrarian population was being coerced into giving up their land in exchange for jobs that were supposed to be secure as subsistence support against the, then prohibited, third world immigration assault on real wage levels—found a way to produce enough food to support a family on a piece of land small enough that many of the deracinated, urbanized and then betrayed descendants of the European farmers might be able to afford it: 3 tons of food each year from just one tenth of an acre.
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As you know this site and its project isdedicated to the late Jules Dervaes Sr.

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    That line of ‘increasing carrying capacity through his son and grandson’ – I am incensed on your behalf, Jordanne and Anais!!!! What about you? A certain sexist bias is evident in the author of this article!


  2. Anais says:

    Hi Nancy

    Thanks for your comment and point.

    The “son” in the article is referring to my grandfather, Jules Sr, and “grandson” is my father Jules Jr. So we are the great grandchildren, none of which are mentioned by name, who are carrying on the legacy.


  3. Nancy Kelly says:

    Oh! All right then. I will return my umbrage!