Tomato forest

The heirloom tomatoes in the self-watering containers are topping 6 feet and have a bunch of green fruit. It’s like walking through a forest of tomatoes — pretty neat!  Justin wants to see how tall they’ll get (he’s hoping they’ll reach  over 10 ft!)  The problem we face is  figuring out how to trellis the tomatoes if they get any higher than 8ft.  Fresh tomatoes are, hopefully, not far away.  

Over the past few days we’ve enjoyed fresh pesto and pasta – I love making fresh pesto– the smells are so intense!

On Friday we invited a friend over for dinner (which was long overdue!) I whipped up tomato sauce, the onions, garlic, herbs.  All came from our garden except for the canned tomatoes. 

We ran out of canned tomatoes that we preserved from last year’s crop.   For dessert, I  heated some blackberries, added a few mint springs and tablespoons of rose petal syrup (all from the garden).  Then I spooned this fruity delight over soy ice cream.  Yum!
On the menu this week is onion soup since the onion bed needs harvesting to make way for corn. 

Side note: Quinn (the pigeon who’s adopted us – see journal entry of 11/24/04) has gone away to begin his daddy duties.  He comes back every afternoon like clockwork to get sunflower seeds at 3:30/45 for his babies. Congrats, Quinn, for getting hitched and becoming a daddy!

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  1. chris brandow says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am having crazy tomato production. i am growing everything in raised beds, which I think are holding a lot of the pure water from all of our rains in reserve down below.

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Chris

    Congrats on the abundant tomato crop.

    I agree, it’s certainly a good year for the garden. We’ve seen quite an increase in certain crops.

    Our tomatoes aren’t quite producing yet (we were a few weeks behind in planting them due to our having to visit our dying grandmother back in Feb) We eagerly look forward to our first ripe tomato.

  3. dragonfly183 says:

    OK guys i have to have the recipie for rose petal syrup 🙂

  4. Anais says:

    Rose Syrup

    Can be added to sparkling water, champagne or a punch for a delicious beverage. Or poured over fruit, pound cake or pancakes. add powdered sugar for a nice glaze over cookies or cakes. Bottled to give as beautiful gifts.

    1 cup water (or rosewater)
    3 cups red rose petals
    3 cups sugar

    Boil all ingredients for ten minutes, or until thickened into syrup.
    Strain through a filter into a clean glass jar.
    Keeps up to two weeks in the refrigerator