African Blue Basil
African Blue Basil

Luscious African Blue Basil Herb

One of my favorite plants that replaced the lawn in the front yard is the stretch of African Blue Basil. It:

  • looks gorgeous in the ground as a landscape feature;
  • is a stunning addition to large floral arrangements;
  • can be used in cooking, of course, or for edible garnishes;
  • and is a major attraction for bees.
Floral Arrangement Blue Basil

Floral Arrangement with African Blue Basil at Neighbors’ Farm Dinner


Here is a link to an article that gives more information about this marvelous herb: PLANT OF THE WEEK: African blue basil / There’s a new basil on the (foggy San Francisco) block.

Have you grown African Blue Basil? What is a favorite plant in your front yard (or on your balcony or porch or window sill)?


  1. L Jones says:

    We grew this basil for the first time this year and absolutely LOVE it. It’s such a shapely bush by the end of the season and the pretty flowers were definitely a bee magnet. Unfortunately, we’ve had a killing frost and ours is now done for the season. We had the foresight to take a few cuttings before the frost and they sat for a long time in a glass on our windowsill. But now they’ve FINALLY started to sprout roots.

    • Treechild says:

      “Shapely bush” is a right-on description! We’re still in the 80s and 90s here in SoCal, so the plants are still thriving.

  2. mary w says:

    The must be what on my walk. Would it be a perrenial in areas with no frost? Becasue whatever it is, its there year round.

  3. Vicki says:

    I have had this plant for many years in a protected sunny spot. The plant has become woody it has been there so long. Even in the worst freeze I will lose only the leaves. New growth sprouts right back. It is by a window and so many people comment on the fragrance that drifts through the room. Since it is a sterile hybrid it never stops blooming, much to the delight of the bees. This is one of my favorite plants.

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