Like I mentioned in the last post we are reviving our mother, scoby that is and she’s ready to roll.   Thing is with these live cultures – they are live and if you neglect them well, then, their toast.  So that’s what happened with my previous batch.  I had about 25 “mothers” was fermenting up a storm and then bam!  Got a whole lot of stuff thrown on the plate and before I knew it was RIP for those jiggly wiggly mushrooms.

Last time I was a recipient of a scoby from a local fermenter.   This time around I decided to grow my own. Took three weeks but here she is.

Not much to look at but

Yesterday brewed up a batch of tea with what tea bags I had on hand – white tea that was given to us free in one of our swag bags from one of the film festivals we attended.    This will be the first time using white since normally brew black or green.  So this fermenting batch should be interesting.

Not only am I curious how this brew will turn out but have been wrangled into a friendly fermentation battle of who’s brew is better.

The showdown supposedly will take place at our upcoming event on Sunday August 23.  May the be best brew win!


  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    At first glance I thought you were brewing some beer. 😎

  2. Laurie says:

    Please tell us – how did you grow your own scoby?

    I’ve grown my own vinegar mother from unfiltered vinegar – that took many weeks too. I just kept adding little bits of cider now and then and kept it all at room temps. Is that how you did it with kombucha mother too – just adding little bits of sweet tea to an already finished kombucha? I’m afraid my scoby has died too…I can’t drink the kombucha fast enough. But a friend of mine has started bottling hers. Seems like a good idea to try!

  3. Laurie says:

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that old used up scobys are relished by my chickens. I think they are very healthy for them!

  4. Anais says:

    Sorry forgot the link to making your own scoby at

  5. 1916home.net says:

    Looks good! I make my own buttermilk often… tastes great and I use it to make the BEST buttermilk pancakes! I also used to make my own kefir, but like kombucha, if you dont take care of it properly it goes bye bye. Homemade buttermilk and homemade kefir are very flavorful and effervescent. Much more so than store bought!

  6. DRINK UP | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] in addition to the lemon verbena flavored home brewed kombucha (which taste almost like soda pop) there’s the good old fashion “Haymakers Punch’ […]

  7. Lori says:

    Going to start my scoby…the website says to use 1/2 cup of the kombucha you originally started with….is this the 1/2 bottle that has been sitting on the counter for 3 weeks that the scoby has been sitting in?

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