New kitty

This adorable male tabby was rescued from a horrific death up the street. A neighbor lady brought the wailing cat (barely two weeks old) to our home, saying that its mother and other siblings were being killed and if we didn’t take this one, this kitty, it too would likely face the same fate.   Being a softie for animals and angered by the insane situation, we took the kitty. It’s now been weaned, taught to use the litter box and thinks himself a person. He loves to sneak attack from behind, grabbing your legs and playfully nipping at your heals. Haven’t quite figured out a name for the little fellow; it will, I know come in time.

Yesterday, we gals spent an enjoyable afternoon at the park with a friend and fellow knitters at the first annual Knit in the City. Being that the event was held so close to the homestead, we biked to the park and, since it was a light traffic day, we arrived faster than if we had taken a car.   After expending calories from our bike ride, upon arriving home, I whipped up one of our favorite meals of homemade flour tortillas and Spanish rice topped with peppers, tomatoes, cilantro (from our garden) and cheese.     The day was topped off going to a friend’s party at a local restaurant where we polished off some basil and tomato pizzas and a glass of wine (not to mention chocolate cake).   We had wonderful time (thanks, Stephanie & Zach, for the invite).

We had a rain storm blow in overnight, dumping a pretty decent amount of rainfall for mid-October and there is more rain predicted for today and beginning of the week.

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  1. Wildside says:

    Thanks for giving the little guy a home… I once rescued a kitten from a similiar situation and he was one of the best friends I ever had. They are so appreciative — like they KNOW, you know?!

  2. green LA girl says:

    He’s so cute! Wish I wasn’t allergic to kitties —

  3. mc in NYC says:

    How about naming him “Emery”, in honor of Carla? Kind of symbolic, him showing up right around the time she was leaving us…

    Whatever you name him, don’t let the chickens terrorize him, nor vice versa. 🙂

  4. Anais says:

    Yep, he’s a cutie and he know it too. Loves to snuggle on your shoulder and is very playful – always amusing himself with silly antics.

  5. Nancy Kelly says:

    I’m so happy you took in the kitten! They are so resilient aren’t they? One came to me just one month old from a similar bad situation – that tiny little mite would take these great leaping pounces at me, I could see she intended to bring me down, but of course just landed on my toes!

    I had cats and chickens, they co-existed very peacefully.

    God bless you all! I just love us people on the side of life and peace and beauty.


  6. Thriftwizard says:

    He’s gorgeous – looks just like our Cinnamon – and a pretty pickle she is, full of character and affection. A heartwarming tale!