Did you know that, if you use conventional cosmetics on a daily basis, you can absorb almost 5 pounds of chemicals and toxins into your body each year?

We kicked off the ‘Kitchen Cosmetics’ series with Coconut Oil

Another staple we use on the homestead is apple cider vinegar.  We feel that the best brand is Bragg’s because it contains the “mother” which is full of enzymes and minerals.

Our dad drank this  in Florida when he used  to mow lawns.  It was  better than Gatorade and gave him more energy and restored the vitamins and minerals lost through perspiration The formula he used was: Add 1/4 cup of ACV to a quart of water. As a coffee substitute in the winter you can add  2 TBLS of ACV in a mug filled with hot water 3x day to feel energized but not adrenalized.  We suggest tjat upi start off with  smaller dosages of ACV to see how well your body tolerates it internally.   If you suffer from acid reflux from not being able to produce enough acid, it will relieve your problem.  However, if you produce too much acid, it will only make things worse.

It works great for dark hair to remove shampoo residue from hair after washing. If you drink it dailly or wash your face with it, you will develop a rosy glow to your complexion.  Usually pale skin is a sign that your body is in desperate need of acid and acv restores  the natural acid mantle of the skin.  ACV is truly a wonder food as it is beneficial for so many ailments.

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