Killing invasive grasses

Q. My yard is covered with kikuyu and bermuda grass that has spread to and taken over all of my planting beds as well. The thought of going to all the trouble to create veggie beds only to have them overrun has kept me in limbo for 7 years.

In my own personal “dark ages” I would have marched out and sprayed everything with Round-up. But that era is dead and gone, and I am desperately seeking an alternative. (Mulching has done nothing as they simply spread under it with their runners.)

I am hoping that you faced a similar problem initially and can share what you did to conquer these ever advancing grasses! Adele

A. We found that mulch alone does not help. You have to smoother the invaders to death and that can be accomplished by putting down layers of newspaper BEFORE the mulch. Eventually the grass will die because it’s not getting enough sunlight and nutrients.

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