Kids Learn About Chickens & Eggs


It’s always fun to have kids visit the homestead and learn about where their food comes from.   


This session was about Chickens & Eggs.    After introduction and a short quiz, we showed the difference between store bought and home laid eggs.  Could they tell the difference?  They sure could.  The home laid eggs were BRIGHT orange whereas the store about egg yolk was a “blah” looking yellow.    We talked about how sunlight gives the yolk their wondrous orange color and how some chickens don’t even see the sun at all and live under artificial lights 24-7.

We also talked about “battery cages” and had the kids feel how it was like to be a chicken in a factory farm.  To demonstrate, we placed all the kids into a caged area, told them to sit down, turn around and raise their hands.  Of course, being so close together they couldn’t and at that point you could see they got it!


After learning the horrible conditions of factory farms.  It was time to move onto to a more positive learning experience. 

Made egg salad sandwiches with their choice of “toppings” Boy you should see the kids eat! They know REAL food tastes amazing!  Saving the best part for last,  getting to hold and pet the chickens and ducks.  Squeals of delight when they find out how friendly our hens are. 

Would you like to learn more about our Urban Homesteading Sessions for kids

Each 1-hour session starts with an intro that usually details the history or the importance of what participants are learning, questions and answers or quizzes which are then followed by hands-on activities and tastings (for food based classes). Finally we end with questions and answers. Children are encouraged to interact and be inquisitive.

These sessions are not only educational but fun too with hands on learning and life skills, teaching valuable knowledge and awareness.

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