Khaki Campbells ducks in LA

Q. I am looking a obtaining some Khaki Campbells like you, where can you buy them here in the LA area.

A. First, I know you are having car troubles as we are and I don’t know if
you’d ever go up San Jose way for a trip or anything, but there’s a well
known hatchery in Gonzales, California that will allow you to pick up two
Khaki Campbell ducklings:

I thought it was worth mentioning, anyway.

Secondly, I called a local feed store in my area that carried Khaki
Campbells a few years ago (when I was just getting chickens) and they said
they’d be only carrying Pekins this year. Darn.

You might want to start calling around to all the feed stores in the
LA area. There are a few on this list (below) that I know carry Khaki
Campbells in the springtime, but with our car, I was unable to pick them up
when I was looking for my ducks. Maybe you’ll have better luck?

However, one of the stores on this listing (A-1 Best Pets & Grooming)
carries Khaki Campbell ducks in the spring, but I wouldn’t recommend doing
business with her. Her place is really trashy and dirty and it’s really
awful to see how her animals are kept. I nearly cried after leaving the

Here’s the feed store list:

Another thing you can pitch to some of these feed store owners is that
you can ask if they don’t mind sharing an order with you. Some owners are
really receptive to that, especially if they find out the minimum order is
only six ducklings.

If all else fails, do what I did — order from Clearview Hatchery,
raise the ducks and then post them in pairs for $30 on a free ad in the
Recycler. I was surprised at the response I got — each pair of ducks was
sold in less than a week after they were posted and at that price too!

Of course with this process, you’ll to make sure they are going to a
good home and all that. I charged $30 a pair because that is not only the
recommended price, but also because I figured if someone would pay that much,
they will take good care of them and not eat them.

Also, just to warn you, you do get attached to all the ducklings you
raise. I cried when they left, but it made it all worthwhile to know they
got wonderful, wonderful, loving homes and I can visit them if I choose to.
Their new owners have become my friends.

Or you could just not go the exact same route I did and sell the
ducklings off when they are young. I sold them when they were about 7 – 8
months old.

As a matter of fact, you might want to visit the recycler anyway as I
once saw someone selling Khaki Campbell ducklings. Other people are looking
for ducklings. Go here: and type
in ducks.

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