Guess what? Socks went on the feet for the first time  in over 6 months yesterday. Temps overnight hovered around 32 degrees meaning winter has finally arrived in this part of the country.    

We were so enjoying the unusually warm temps, but know that we couldn’t expect it to last any longer. Even though the nighttime temps are chilly, there’s not a cloud in sight so during the day it’s quite pleasant. If you allow yourself (or are tempted) to sit quietly in the sun for a few minutes, you start to feel incredibly sleepy as there’s a chance you might doze off as you soak up the suns warming rays.

Last night we resisted the urge to fire up the biodiesel fueled heater to banish the cold that was creeping in through the house. Instead we just piled on another layer of clothing.   

It’s definitely a challenge not  to use or purchase something even though it’s considered a “green alternative.”

It’s time to go throughout the house and spot drat causing problems. I bet with the increase of heating costs this winter, there are many who will be looking for cheaper ways to keep warm. Do you have tips for keeping warm this winter? Share them with fellow readers at: our forum

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  1. stella says:

    we heat with propane and have kept the thermostat at 60. we can’t afford to go any higher. we were lucky to lock into about 1600 gal. at 1.459/gal. i think prices are now up to almost $2/gal.

  2. Anais says:

    Hi Stella

    Thank for the tip, appreciate your input and taking part in this discussion.