As I suspected our harvest total for June is slightly down from previous years thanks to a cooler than normal June which delayed the ripening of quite a bit of our crops here on the urban homestead.

July is, well, looking like normal July so we should easily get back on track with our average harvest tally.

Here’s our tally for the month of June

Produce: 372 lbs

Eggs (Ducks) 84   (Chicken)  108

Year to Date Total (from our 1/10 acre garden plot)

2012 lbs of produce, 561 chicken eggs, 534 duck eggs and 17 lbs of honey


At the beginning of the year we launched a new challenge this year to help others get involved in growing their own and collectively we have harvested so far (harvest results via a forum thread at FreedomGardens.org)

June totals:
Produce – 2,047.964 lb
Chicken eggs – 1431
Duck eggs – 84
Honey – 1.5 lb
Traded/Collected/Gleaned – 3.5 lb
Gopher – 21 lb/Mole – 8 lb/Rattlesnake – 3′

Annual numbers:
Produce – 7,540.966 lb
Chicken eggs – 8,849
Duck eggs – 1,111
Turkey eggs – 23
Quail eggs – 16
Meat/eggs – 1,006.6 lb
Honey – 18.5 lb
Traded/collected/gleaned – 381 lb
Maple syrup – 120 qts
Birch beer – 10 gal
Gopher – 21 lb
Mole – 8 lb
Rattlesnake – 3′

Thanks SM for keeping a running total!

Care to weigh in?  It’s easy, sign up (free) on FreedomGardens.org and start talling up your growing efforts.


  1. suzanne says:

    Gopher? Mole? RATTLESNAKE!

    That is some very careful record keeping!

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