The July month’s total has been tallied and our family’s 1/10 plot harvest has weighed in

Produce: 648 lbs

Eggs (Ducks) 100   (Chicken) 87

Year to Date Total 2660 lbs of produce, 648 chicken eggs, 634 duck eggs and 17 lbs of honey

How’s your growing efforts been this season?  Care to join our collective growing challenge?

Let’s dig for our dinners – you in?


At the beginning of the year we launched a new challenge this year to help others get involved in growing their own and collectively we have harvested so far (harvest results via a forum thread at FreedomGardens.org)


  1. Maria says:

    Here’s our July harvest:
    * Eggs – 70
    * Lettuce – 1oz
    * Chard – 1# (although there is a bunch out there that needs harvesting… we just haven’t felt like eating it)
    * Herbs (culinary) – 4 oz
    * Summer Squashes – 15# 2oz
    * Peas – 6 oz
    * Kale – 3# 4oz
    * Green Beans – 6# 2oz
    * Cucumbers – 50# 7 oz (!!!)
    * Onions – 2# (they did horribly)
    * Garlic – 11oz (did even worse than the onions)
    * Beets – 2# 6oz
    * Winter Squashes (just starting to come in) 7#
    * Berries – 3 quarts
    * Tomatoes (also just starting to turn red) – 6# 5oz

    We had 4.9 inches of rain

  2. Lisa A. says:

    I’ve only got a 4×4 bed this year, but I’ve harvested a teeny bit of swiss chard, some zucchini, about 20 pounds of tomatoes, and 4 carrots (still waiting on those). We also got about 40 pounds of wild blackberries from various places on our farm! I now have broccoli, snow peas, lettuce, and more tomatoes for the fall. Next year will be much different because I’ll have a LOT more room to grow. You guys are doing great on your 1/10 acre!

  3. Susan says:

    Ack! I knew there was something I forgot! I forgot to post my totals for July over at Freedom Gardens! *off to add them up and post, late as ususal*

    Do you guys hand water everything, or do you have some sort of (partial at least) drip irrigation system set up? I ask because I have the entire front yard to work with, but right now with four 4 x 8 beds and six 4 x 4 beds along with a bunch of buckets and containers I spend about 40 minutes a day watering.

  4. Jason says:

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