• Celebrate Jules Dervaes Jr (1947-2016) Life & Legacy

      “ I measure short-term success by how much I have improved at what I am doing to make my world a better place. However, I see long-term success as being measured by what others have accomplished because of what I have done.” – Jules Dervaes Spaces are limited you

  • From Our Family To Yours

    Dear Friends, Family, Customers and Fans, Thank you all for the outpouring of support this past month since the death of our father, Jules Dervaes, Jr. The overwhelming number of comments, cards, calls, texts and emails, as well as donations and gifts of food, time, music, running errands, offering advice

  • In Memory of Jules Dervaes (1947-2016)

    It’s with deepest sadness that we announce that Jules C. Dervaes, Jr., age 69, passed away as a result of a pulmonary embolism. Dad has stood up his whole life for everything he believed in: never surrendering, never compromising, never wavering in his beliefs, his principles. Dad thought everything–no matter

  • Aloe Vera Facial Mask

    Did you know there’s a plant that easy to grow and is beneficial for skin and hair – for practically pennies.  Plant one and, in a few years, you’ll have a whole patch, more than what to do with. For thousands of years, this common, easy to grow beauty treatment

  • Wind Egg

    Our family has been keeping chickens in the city since 2002 and we are always on the lookout for the welfare of our hens.  The first time I saw one of these “Wind” eggs , I worried that something might be off with our hens’ health.  These tiny eggs don’t

  • Watermelon for Breakfast

    It’s been a hot and dry summer and that means keeping the homestead critters cool and comfortable. One of the favorite ways our hens cool down is by enjoying watermelon. Watermelons are a tasty summer treat that hydrate, nourish and contain a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants. More tips

  • Summer Bounty

    Farm Update Summer’s winding down, but the garden bounty is bumper.    We’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in the garden since our neighbor removed the towering 80ft pecan tree.  More sun = less mildew and a seemingly more productive summer growing season. Every square inch of the raised beds are

  • Olla Sale!

      Irrigation with ollas (unglazed clay pots) is simple and extremely efficient, but the system gave way to modern watering techniques decades ago. With this type of irrigation, gardeners fill unglazed clay urns with water and bury them near plants. The tops of the ollas (pronounced OH-yas) extend above ground

  • Homestead Herbal: Calendula Salve

    A simple, traditional healing balm or ointment with healing and anti-inflammatory powers.  A must for your homestead first aid or beauty kit. Calendula Salve 1/2 cup calendula petal infused oil 1/8 cup beeswax 10-40 drops essential oil  (I like lemon) Melt the oil and beeswax in a double boiler under 

  • Homestead Herbal: Calendula Oil

    From beauty to to first aid, calendulas are a must for any homestead.  Not only are they easy to grow but also calendulas are beneficial in attracting bees to the garden.   Calendula flowers are not only edible but also medicinal and great for natural skin and health care. Calendula