• Urban Homestead Radio: Ollas- Clay Pot Irrigation

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family share the magic of “Ollas,” an ancient drip irrigation technique handed down through the millennia! They explain where they came from, how to use them, their own experience with them, and much more! Buy them online – while supplies last!   We’d love to

  • Urban Homestead Radio: Chef Onil Chibas Interview

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family interviews Chef Onil Chibas.  Chef Onil has been a 12 year customer of the Urban Homestead, former owner of Elements Restaurant in “Old Pas” Pasadena, CA, and cooks frequently for celebrity clientele in the Los Angeles area.  Hear how Chef Onil often bases his

  • Urban Homestead Radio: 2016 A Year of Tragedy

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family share the challenges and heart wrenching losses of 2016.  So many listeners have inquired about what exactly happened that made 2016 so difficult that the Urban Homestead felt it necessary to record the details here for everyone to hear and to help heal and move forward. 

  • Urban Homestead Radio: Funny Chicken Stories Part 2

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family answer questions from gardeners online, share tons of stories and tips for raising chickens, garden updates, and much more.  This episode has two parts, so be sure to check out both.  Listen carefully to each story to catch the secrets of homesteading that Anais, Justin,

  • Urban Homestead Radio: History and Facts Part 2

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family share their distinguished heritage of horticulture that extends far back into their family tree, funny stories of growing up on the homestead, the reasons for their continued efforts in promoting their father’s cause of freedom through self-sufficiency, and much more. This is part 2

  • Urban Homestead Radio (Special): Jules Dervaes Memorial

    In this special episode, the Dervaes Family shares the audio from the memorial dedicated to their late father, Jules Dervaes Jr (1947-2016).  You’ll get to hear prominent members of the community and local government share their memories of Jules and the incredible influence he and his family had on the world. Many

  • Urban Homestead Radio: Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family interviews the co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur. Farm Sanctuary is internationally famous for saving discarded animals from commercial farm piles of dead animals, reviving them, and helping them thrive and grow in a healthy environment. Gene is the Best-Selling author of “Farm Sanctuary:

  • Urban Homestead Radio: Updates and Film Crews

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family shares the continuing adventures of filming for France 5, weather whip-lash, supplying local caterers and restaurants, advising local farmers on chickens, pet frolics and much more!   We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave ratings/reviews and comment what you think and what you’d like us

  • Urban Homestead Radio: France 5 Filming

    In this episode, the Dervaes Family share their experience with their most recent visiting film documentary crew from France 5.  France 5 is the equivalent to the United States PBS broadcasting and has an audience that spans France and Belgium.  Along with that amazing encounter, Anais, Justin, and Jordanne share more

  • Father’s Day & Upcoming Four New Episodes

    “I measure short-term success by how much I have improved at what I am doing to make my world a better place. However,  I see long-term success as being measured by what others have accomplished because of what I have done.” —Jules Dervaes Last week, five of the twenty prerecorded