Whoopee! Wasn’t that a kick? Wow! The earth returned to the celestial point in its orbit which it occupied last year at this time. The January 1st date delegated as the start of our new year has been cause for one great, jubilant party. And there were toasts all around by the merrymakers to wish for happiness next year. Yet, in 2002, who dares expect that there really will be true cause for global celebration?

What is happening–or is likely to happen–in this world that will bring about a reality that is truly new? Only if you are old enough can events be seen firsthand to occur in the typical, cyclical pattern. Even then it takes wisdom to spot the repetitions. The people are different, and the places; but it is always the same old story. A classical tune keeps playing in our heads: the War March. So, once again, we are traveling down this road, swallowed up by a fog as thick as pea soup.

Can we obliviously continue to view More-Bigger-Faster as a higher state of development? Obviously, this society is calling all the shots. With each passing day, our world is more closely joining hands together in one giant, collective delusion. Do you think IT would let us go scot-free without a fight? Not on your life! We will be allowed to make token changes; but, if there is a serious challenge to the TOTAL STRUCTURE by any infidel, serious consequences are in store. With natural fears of discomfort and disapproval, we must be growing stronger and stronger all the time in order to effect a real change. 

What will be new about this new year? Do not be festively fooled. You will know when you are on your way to a new life by the opposition you will encounter. The path will lead you to come face to face with your greatest foe — yourself!