James Hand Washer

Q. First let me say that I enjoy your site and visit often to see what you are all up to next.

I have wanted the washing machine that you purchased from Lehman’s. I have saved pennies for some time now, designated for the purchase of the washer.

I read that you were a bit disappointed with the machine. Small and flimsy? Should I go back to a wash tub, plunger and hand wringer??? It is a good deal of cash to spend for a flimsy machine.

Thanks again for all the great info on your site.

Ann in Maine

A. Regarding the hand washer: We too had saved up money to purchase this non electric implement for the homestead. As I stated on the post, we were disappointed in the quality — “they don’t make things like they used to!”

The galvanized metal is pretty thin. The top of the tub part (not the wringer part, which is higher) hits me mid thigh and I am 5’4″ tall. However, the easy back and forth action is much gentler on the arms that they up and down motion of a plunger. I would say that that is the best thing about it and, although I haven’t used a hand wringer before–just an electric one– I think the wringer part is very good and sturdy enough. It has its good and bad points, but I can’t see it costing $500. (I guess it costs that much because there are so few of them manufactured?). Being galvanized means it CAN rust so what can I say?

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