There’s a jamboree of sorts going on here on the urban homestead kitchen.

Whipping out preserves sweet and savory for customers at our Front Porch Farm Stand.   On the preservation front this week: sweet grapefruit marmalade, meyer lemon vanilla marmalade, apple butter, jalapeno jelly (you haven’t lived till you had this jam slathered on cream cheese with crackers – oh man!) key lime and roasted pepper glaze.

These home preserves make great gifts.

Psst, there’s handcrafted artisan bread coming soon to the farm stand.  Bread & jam?  Ooh lala. What more could a person ask?

Here’s a sneak peek

If you are local, stop by our front porch farm stand.  It’s open Sun – Fri, winter hours are 10 am – 5 pm.

I highly recommend you sign up to our email list so you’ll get weekly updates on what’s available.  Sign up by emailing us at info@dervaesgardens.com

Now enjoy some snapshots from our recent canathon.

Meyer lemon peels

Meyer lemon wedges

Farmers market apples

Cooking till soft

Using our hand cranked food mill to process the apples

Sweet grapefruit ready for the pot

Hungarian hot wax peppers


Key lime and roasted pepper glaze

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Stock up!   You like that nifty hand cranked mill ?  Well, then don’t forget that our Urban Homestead Store has canning and kitchen supplies

Where I go for inspiration (though I have to warn you that you’ll never look at fruits, veggies and the likes the same – ever!)

Tigress in a Jam

Food in Jars


  1. Veronica V. says:

    YUUMMM!! That looks so good. I love pepper jelly and cream cheese, it reminds me of poppers. I’m all applebuttered out, I made a bunch this year. I made pumpkin butter too. That pepper glaze looks killer, what do y’all use it on?

    • Anais says:

      @Veronica V.: Well, they say it’s a good glaze for meats. but (as of now) we have no need to eat any of our chickens. 😉

      • Nancy R says:

        “as of now”?? Are you contemplating it? Say it isn’t so. Nancy R

        • Anais says:

          @Nancy R: Of course not – not our spoiled bunch of ladies. They will never be destined for the dinner plate. However, if ever (in the future) had land and a rowdy rooster or two 😉

          • Anais says:

            @Anais: PS though a future fish fry may be in order and I think that glaze would go nicely.

  2. Matt J says:

    Did you bake all that bread in your solar oven, backyard wood stove, or are you heating your house with the inside oven?

    • Anais says:

      @Matt J: Wish I did but these wonderful loaves are made by one of our front porch farm stand customers.

  3. Anais says:

    @Vicki: In Pasadena, we are allowed to operate from our home as a home business provided we get a business license and a home occupation permit and we have both. Additionally, we set appointments for our customers for picking up their orders to comply with the City’s ordinance for pedestrian and automobile traffic in a residential area. See Pasadena’s Code Compliance link

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