Wind Damage

A strongSanta Ana blew into the Southland on Thursday night into Friday leaving behind felled trees. We lost three towering banana trees that had stalks of green fruit. Luckily the banana bases are still in the ground so that they will be able to sprout pups; however, such a sad sight to see the bananas bent over.

The wind also did a good job at denuding the foliage off the fruit trees.
So far we’ve had a really dry winter, if such pattern holds up we’ll barely reach our average of 19.” Of course it may be because we had been praying that it wouldn’t rain much with our roof off. But now that got a roof over our heads bring it on! LET IT RAIN. With only 5 months left in our rainy season, we need rain and desperately.   Experts are saying that we are in El Nino and that means lots of rain all at once – which isn’t good either for such a dry region.   One gets the feeling these days that the rain is building up somewhere waiting to come all at once.   Once again, this year looks to be one of extremes thanks to man’s tipping the balance of the earth’s natural seasons.   Sad to say we are going to have to get use to such extreme’s and it’s not going to be easy especially on those who’s hands are in the dirt growing and sowing their daily bread.

Taking the Long Way Home

On Thursday, we had go and pick up our the items from the homestead that were on display for 3 months atCAFAM in the Wilshire district of Los Angeles [yeah, our handcranked kitchen items are back and our handwasher!].   Even though LA is a freeway culture the 20 years we’ve lived here we avoid freeways at all cost and take them only when we really have to.

Bypassing the freeways and taking the main arteries though the city one slows down the pace, you get to see the city in which you live on a street level not going zipping 70 miles an hour. One experiences the dense population and cars, and miles of strip malls, ethic sections, of the metropolis in which we call Los Angeles.   Taking the long way home [Wilshire to La Brea, Santa Monica Blvd to Los Feliz, San Fernando Road to Colorado, Orange Grove and finally Cypress] took a little longer but it’s an eye opening experience as one connect with distance and place.

I remember when a friend of ours took us gals to her favorite music store across town, she immediately got on the freeway and zipped 70 mph.   I can understand taking the freeway to get from one city to another but just to go a few miles uptown?   So go ahead be adventurous, take the off ramp into the main arteries of the city, you find it will open you eyes and slow down the modern insane pace of freeway culture.

Blog Roll Disappearance

For some reason the fellow travelers from “G” on disappeared yesterday. Frustrating as it may be to replace and remember the once listed blogs, perhaps it was a good thing. I really had to clean out the roll anyway with dead links, blogs that don’t provide a reciprocal link or blogs that haven’t been updated in 6 months..


World faces hottest year ever, as El Niño combines with global warming {Independent UK}

A combination of global warming and the El Niño weather system is set to make 2007 the warmest year on record with far-reaching consequences for the planet, one of Britain’s leading climate experts has warned.
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  1. Jeff says:

    On the subject of highway driving, another thing to consider is the emissions of your vehicle. Nearly every vehicle gets worse fuel economy in city driving than highway driving, and this translates directly into higher emissions. Connecting with your local neighborhood and city is important, but perhaps that would be best done by foot or bicycle. For longer trips, using the highway is greener.

    There’s an archived version of PTF from April 2006 located at This could be useful for reconstructing your blogroll.

  2. anais says:

    Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the insight. I forget sometimes that there are people who drive GAS vehicles — doesn’t everybody run on veggie oil? Just kidding.

    True, you could be using more fuel on side streets, but you also have to take in account that here in LA sometimes you sit idle in traffic for hours. LA is nortorious for gridlock, one of the major freeways that goes through Pasadena is at a car to car standstill at 3 PM!

    Thanks for the tip! Sheesh forgot about those web archive sites. Will be very handy in reconstructing the blog roll.

  3. Brian says:

    At what time of the day can you drive on L.A. at 70 MPH? Every time I drive through your fair city (and it’s surroundings), it always seems to be gridlock.

  4. kristine says:

    i lived in la for 2 years (92-94) and i was scared to death to drive on the freeways. my friends used to make fun of me for that but it was truly a scary thing to drive them.

    my favorite drives were laurel and cold water canyons.

    at my request, my sister purchased the gardening by the moon calendar from your site! i love it and am thrilled she supported your site!