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“Many of you who follow this blog or actively participate on the MHK Facebook Page probably remember my several mentions of the Dervaes Family, the nearly self-sufficient Californians who garden just about every inch of their modest Pasadena home and even sell their harvest to local chefs and restaurateurs.

I first learned about Jules Dervaes a few years ago while watching a clip on ABC Nightline. I was instantly  intrigued by this interview which showed how he gardened just about every inch of his front and back yard with edible goods and how he got his three grown children so actively involved in the lifestyle of this very modern, urban, self-sufficient homestead.

I was recently fortunate enough to discover the Urban Homestead’s online activity: a website, blog, their tweets on Twitter and connection with the public on Facebook . To that end, I’m so excited and grateful to be able to bring you my own interview with Jules Dervaes, the patriarch of this urban homestead, whom we can learn so much from about living a life free of the constraints of super-consumerism and significantly reduce our carbon imprint on the earth, without sacrificing happiness and wholesome living.

I hope you’ll read the entire interview all the way through, as it contains wonderful and insightful responses to the questions I thought you might ask him yourself. It’s exciting and liberating to learn how to live off the big or small space you occupy right now. I’m learning so much every time I re-cap the interview.

After reading, do you think you could do what Mr. Dervaes has done?  Has it inspired you to even want to do what he’s done? Please do leave your comments at the end of this post and let’s start a community discussion on living a more eco-friendly, self-sufficient lifestyle.”

Read My Interview with Urban Homesteader, Jules Dervaes via MY HALAL KITCHEN

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  1. Laura Jeanne @ Getting There says:

    Great interview, thanks!

    • Anais says:

      Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed this latest interview Boy, there was a lot of interviews this month wasn’t there? We always enjoy sharing our journey, especially with so many different audiences and they all have a common thread – good food, good life and good health!

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