Interview with Urban Homestead (CFPUP)


In its continuing search to find citizens who are doing things to improve themselves, their families, communities, cities, states and country, the folks at CFPUP conducted a lengthy interview with Jules Dervaes, the patriarch of the Urban Homestead in Pasadena, California. Surrounded by urban sprawl and just a short distance from a freeway, the Urban Homestead project is a family operated and highly productive city farm. It is also a successful, real-life working model for sustainable agriculture and eco living in urban areas.

The initial intention was to create a 20 – 30 minute segment. However, the interview was so rich with information and insights on sustainable and resilient living, we couldn’t bring ourselves to edit to much less than 50 minutes. So here in its entirety is our interview between Steve Lamb of CFPUP and Jules Dervaes.

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