A quick update for our daily readers, who may be concerned….

Sorry, we haven’t posted in a few days. So much has happened over these last three days. But there’s no need to worry, we have just been extremely busy with urban homestead life, outreach and media.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ABC Nightline was out here filming life on the urban homestead. Not sure if and when the prime time TV piece will air, but as soon as we know anything we’ll pass it along.

Upcoming outreach. Jules Dervaes will be speaking at Ten Thousand Villages on Saturday about PTF’s urban farm/garden project. With only a day and a half to prepare we are in the midst of updating one of our Power Point presentations to highlight certain growing methods and latest photos.

On the homefront. Life grows on – harvesting strawberries, potatoes, loquats and more.

Posts and pictures (took lots!) will come … soon I hope.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi Anais! I’m glad to know that all is well with you…. I must confess that I have missed your posts these last few days. 🙂
    Thanks for the picture of your back-yard – it is always so beautiful and inspiring!

  2. Simply.Belinda says:

    Hi Anais,
    Thanks for checking in.

    I figured that you guys were probably just busy but there was a little corner of my mind going “I hope there is nothing wrong”.

    Kind Regards

  3. Jennifer says:

    Glad all is OK….really loved the phrase you just casually threw in, “Life Grows On”. May have to borrow that title one day for a blog entry, if that’s OK. 😀

    take care

  4. Talithia says:

    W@W Nightline! I can not wait to see if and when it airs.
    I am glad all is well. But I can’t even think about how busy ya’ll are with interviews, the web sites and homesteading. Makes me tired just trying. Talithia

  5. Kory says:

    thank God you are ok, I thought the absence had something to do with the fire.

  6. Helen in Needles says:

    I, too, was concerned that the fires had something to do with your absence. I’ve missed you over my morning cuppa. So glad you’re back!

  7. Becky L. says:

    I LOVE this picture. Your gardens are awesome!


  8. Gerry Medland says:

    Hi All,
    Your picture posts are powerful tools in encouraging fledgling homestaders and seasoned ones also!As a direct result of showing your site to folks,3 people have come on board this week to change their future and that of others,it may be a slog at times but consistency always wins the day!Thank you all for your solid determination in keeping us inspired!
    gerry m

  9. Anais says:

    GERRY :Thanks so much for spreading the word. We appreciate your outstanding efforts and most generous support over the years.

    ALL: Thanks for the positive commets. We love to feedback and glad to be back!

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