My name is Ricardo I am studying Agroecology engineering in Chapingo
University in Mexico. As I was doing a research on alternative building I
found your incredible website, which really inspires anyone who sees it! I
live in Mexico City and I cannot imagine how powerful a place like this
would be!

Next summer I will be doing an internship program in order to get a bachelor’s degree. I am really interested on what you are doing at Path to
Freedom so I wonder if I am that lucky to be part of this amazing project
as part of my internship program. This would be from June 1st till 31st of
August 2006. I speak English fluently and I got experience woofing in
Canada and Costa Rica. I also went to Cuba as part of a summer course on
Sustainable Agriculture. Raised beds, composting, crop rotation and so on.
If you are interested I could send you a brief resumé of what I have doing
in the last couple of years since I got inspired on sustainable living
while I went to Cuba!!

Since then I tried to established a greenhouse on my Rooftop in a
fourteenth floor, trying to grow vegetables for anyone who knows about
GMO´S, factory farming and USDA dumping effect on Mexico´s farmers.

Sincerely yours,


I am also encouraged by those posters of WWII Dig for Victory Campaign!

A. Your projects and accomplishments sound amazing. It’s great to hear from
other passionate people who are concerned over the health of the planet and
it’s people.

Unfortunately, we are not set up for long term living accommodations for
volunteers. We are a family and live in a small house and presently there
isn’t any room.

In addition, as I mentioned on the phone, our latest construction projects
have been, and will for some time, continue to be disruptive to the normal
routine here on the homestead.

We are sorry that we are unable to accept your internship offer at this

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