Interested in helping out

Q. Dear Jules,
I first came across information about your homestead at the Earth Day
festival in Santa Monica and was thoroughly delighted to explore your
website. It seems clear to me that we absolutely must attain a great
degree of self-sufficiency and independence from consumer culture before
we can create an alternative world together. Your diy spirit resonates
with me and I’ve been interested in learning about biodiesel processing,
permaculture, etc for a long time. However, presently I do not have the
space in my living situation to actively learn by doing. I really want to
get my hands dirty Jules, do you accept volunteers to come and help out
with projects? Let me know what is comfortable for you all and I’d be
happy to accommodate.


A. Thank you for your email, positive comments and generous offer to volunteer
on the homestead (and willingness to “get your hands dirty!”)

Although we really appreciate your offer, at this time, our schedule is so day to day that it would be hard to coordinate volunteers help around the homestead.

The garden work is slowing down and we’ve moved on to tackle other sustainable projects on our “to do list.” These new steps require “desk-research work” to design, plan, and shop for the best deal and it’s hard to have assistance if we aren’t sure what/when we are tackling such projects.

However, we hope to see you at one of our public events ( we always can use help coordinating such things).

Thank you again for your offer and we are sorry that we are unable to accommodate volunteers at this time.

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