Miss Clementine

On Sunday, while we girls were in the garage ( Jordanne doing her weekly cleaning of the duck house and I was packing salad), there was this riotous commotion involving the chickens and ducks.

Knowing this uproar to be their warning system, I ran to the back just in time to see a bird of prey (some sort of sparrow hawk) flying away.   Seeing there was nothing being carried off, we then went to inspect the animals. They, of course, were clearly upset and in a panic.

One of the chickens, Miss Clementine, was so frightened that she made her way up the “bunny run” – probably thinking to herself  “I can’t get caught in here!”  As a matter of fact, she was right!  Clemmy was so safe that she couldn’t get out from the run that’s built for the bunnies. 

Jordanne had to push her backwards down the run – it was quite a pathetic, yet silly sight.    We tried to calm the animals down, but to no avail The bunnies kept thumping, chickens cackling and ducks quacking long after the hawk had left.   What a ruckus!

The animals are pretty secure – yet it still frightens us (and them) when predators are near.


This morning there’s a heavy mist falling.  When there’s been such a drastic change in temps, one has to be watchful for diseases such as mildew and wilt that can occur during June and the damp gloom that comes with it.

In the garden, we’re harvesting garlic, peppers and potatoes (including some lovely purple ones!)   The first French haricot verdes are just about ready.

In May the PTF website passed a milestone of 2.5 million hits.

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  1. Wildside says:

    “In May the PTF website passed a milestone of almost 2.5 million hits.”

    Wow, that’s pretty incredible! But then, you have been developing a pretty incredible site…

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Wildside

    Hope all is well with you. I know, it’s pretty amazing. Thanks for your help with the PTF message board – you always have great posts! Keep up the good work. It’s very much appreciated by our family.