In the Garden (KCBS & KCAL )

KCBS anchor Ann Martin visits the Dervaes family amazing edible estate.

Living off the land doesn’t mean moving to the country. The Dervaes family has taken it upon themselves to grow as much of their diet right on a typical urban lot. Over a decade ago, the family smothered their traditional lawn and transformed their city lot into an amazingly productive edible estate. The family’s 1/10 acre garden provides them with all the vegetables, herbs and fruit needed for their vegetarian diet, as well as a viable income. In the summer, their “100 foot diet” consists of nearly 80%-90% of homegrown produce. Even though their garden may be small, it’s hugely productive, yielding over 3 tons (6,000 lbs) of food.

Since the early 80’s the Dervaes family has slowly transformed their ordinary city lot into a self sufficient urban homestead.

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