It’s been threatening rain all day but nothing has really fallen from the sky! Hopefully we’ll get something before the dark clouds blow away…


  1. Audra says:

    Everything looks so good! We are just now in the clear to start planting cold crops: lettuce, radishes, peas… My Son loves growing Sunflowers and he loves the pictures of yours.

  2. DoubleD says:

    Things are looking good in the little homestead in the city gardens! Since you are so much further south than I am – it is a pleasure to see the gardens so much further along in the season than mine can be at this time. It holds the promise of what will soon be for my piece of the world too.

  3. Gardening 4 Life says:

    Your garden looks great! I am always inspired by the work you all do. I know it must be a huge amount of time keeping up with everything and I thank you for posting so many details.

    That’s an amazing greenhouse. 🙂 This is a wonderful design for urban homesteaders! Is there another post with more details? Or can you post something about it?

  4. CatHerder says:

    Everything looks so GORGEOUS Im so jealous…I look out my kitchen window in jersey, and see alot of nothing…..except for the garlic i planted in the fall…have all our seed flats going..cant WAIT for Spring to show herself….its in the 30’s again right now…what gives??? I need some SUNSHINE!

  5. Stephany says:

    It all looks so lovely and green. We had sleet and freezing rain here again this morning. I am almost giving up on spring. I hope you get some rain, also.

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