As we say adios to many of the summer crop, she’s not through yet.  The peppers, eggplant, bean, tomatoes and even the squash are still growing and we hope to they continue to produce until the first frost – which usually happens in November or December.

The second summer crop of tomatoes are doing well; the first, however, are starting to come down.  Yep, the massive 10 ft tomatoes are pretty  much spent and it’s time to take ’em out and put in the peas.

On the leafy green front –still battling those darn harlequin bugs.  Not even the strongest natural insecticide seems to put a dent in their destructive habits.

Not that we are hoping for ccccold weather but frost does help when it comes to natural methods of control of unruly pests.

Here are a few snapshots of what the garden looks like in October.


  1. Fay (Ordinary Eco) says:

    Your garden never ceases to amaze and inspire. I have been following you now for nearly a year and never tire of your garden shots and meal updates. We in the southern hemisphere are just getting into spring. Can’t wait for those summer crops. Hope you are all well.Happy Gardening!

  2. vigilant20 says:

    Everything’s looking so lush still….and I’m so jealous! We had our first frost yesterday and snow showers in the forecast today 🙁

  3. Maureen says:

    As a fellow Californian, we’d love to know when you plant your onions and garlic?


  4. shawn says:

    Oooo Harlequin beetles. Did have infestation last week. Mixed bit of detergent and Potassium Carbonate and sprayed. Detergent strips the bug of the protective wax coating and the Potassium Carbonate (potash) killed them. Potash is also a very good fertilizer “K” part of the fertilizer.potash also works on powdery mildew for those who don’t know.

    But those bugs are prolific. multiply overnight and suck the leaves dry in one day. And we too are pulling up our first round of tomato plants. and replacing with parsnips, snow peas, sugar snap peas, spinach…

    oh you can plant garlics now.

  5. JY says:

    I garden in Pasadena too and last year I had harlequin bugs. This year however I did not find any in my garden. I wonder if it’s the large number of wasps in my garden or that I have fewer radish plants that the bugs liked.

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