Though it doesn’t feel much like August (yeah, I know I said that before!) the summer veggies are still hanging in there; however, the cucumbers look a little raggedy but there’s plenty of new younguns to replace the worn our elders – plants I mean.   So to keep a successful rotation going we planted more squash, beans, cucumbers and even tomatoes (for hopefully a fall/winter crop)  Fall plantings are just starting but we are holding off on going all out even though it does feel more like October.   Using every square inch as Farmer D likes to say is key to keeping this mirco farm productive ad I think much of our harvesting success is that there’s never an empty bed and that comes with successive plantings.

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There’s also some interesting work being done on one side of the house.  I overheard Farmer D talking with Farmer J and I could make out words like – greywater, diverter, bath tub, pipes, laundry.  Hmmm, I’m intrigued! Seems there’s some sort of greywater operation in the works.  Stay tuned for more!

Three entries down and one more to go on this mini posting blitz here at LHITC.

Hope you have been enjoying everything so far, the last entry is guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces and perfect post to end the week!


  1. Val says:

    Are those man hands peeling peaches…cool! I am reading the book by Jeavons…um wow, I “thought” I knew what intensive gardening was, um boy this is giving me some education. Now I get it, how ya’ll produce what you do.
    I just lurve those goaties!!

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