Our summer Freedom Garden is taking shape complete with our collection of Freedom Seeds.  We can proudly say that “Freedom Grows in Our Garden”

How’s your summer garden shaping up?  Care to share?

The weather has been pleasant, even on the cool side.  The day starts off overcast with slight to partial clearing around lunch.    Looks like no more rain for the season.  This year’s rainfall totals are definitely lower than normal.  2008-09 is the third dry year for our state and Pasadena is already proposing water rates increase.

A possible solution to LA’s water crisis went down the drain Back in the 1990’s I remember as a kid using the bucket greywater method – aka bucket brigade.  We’d haul our bath water out in 5 gallon buckets to water the vegetables (corn and squash) that we had growing in the front yard at the time.    Hmmm front yard farming, using greywater aren’t subversive acts anymore!  So what we did as kids wasn’t weird, we were just ahead of our time!

By going “backwards,” you take steps forward!

Swiss chard lit by soft sunlight

Front yard farming – mixture of herbs, veggies and berries

Garden propaganda nestled among the chard, blueberries and apple trees

Tomato and clay pot irrigation beds– one planted and one (almost) ready to go

Turning under the spent green crops and “summerizing” the yard as Justin says

Gorgeous (and edible) nasturtiums add color throughout the yard

Soft salmon nasturtiums twine their way up the dwarf peach trees

Is it dinner time yet?

Pineapple guava blooms

Herbs and veggies in one of our many clay pot irrigation beds

Seeding swiss chard and lettuces

There’s green beans in the garden…. almost!  French Provider seeds courtesy of FREEDOM SEEDS

Tomato trellis time

Our first tomato of the season


  1. Becky H says:

    lovely pics! i’m so jealous of all your growing things, we’re still having frost warnings in my neck of the woods. what are the deep red flowers in the second pic? i love the color, but have no idea what they are.

  2. Larry C. says:

    We are behind in planting. The NE has been drenched in rain. Our garden is more of a clay soup than soil ready to receive crops. Hopefully the rest of the crops will be in by this weekend.

  3. Val says:

    Lookin good!!
    we are behind as well up in Montana…the new raised beds are in and filled, my plants are hardening off….soon I keep saying yet I still see some frost in the morning. Gives me time to get trellising built.

  4. Mike D says:

    Looks good as always. My lawn’s days are numbered…

  5. Michelle (GardeningMichelle) says:

    Gorgeous plants!

    My nasturtiums are very very slow to come up. I’m hoping they take off soon!

    The rest of the raised beds are coming along. Bob built me 4 more this past weekend. Pics are here:

    I’d like to hear more about how you trellis your tomatoes.

  6. Ruthie says:

    I’ve been singing Green Beans in the Garden since you posted it. ‘Cause I do have green beans in the garden, clean clothes on the line… no barefoot children yet but I do have a grape transplant to put in the ground. 🙂

    Our garden plans are huge. Just biding out time until we get things actually set up. We’re approaching the little-to-no gardening summer time so I’m hoping to get things together before its time for the fall veggies to go in.

    That pineapple guava is gorgeous. 🙂

  7. Cindie K. says:

    Weather is just fascinating: you’re having less than usual rainfall, while in WV we’ve been inundated with rain and cold. The governor called out the National Guard in Southern West Virginia. Your garden is great!

  8. Casey says:

    Hello Derveas! Love the website. I have been following you for about four years now! I tell people that you are my “cyber mentors!” ; ) Your garden is not only productive, but beautiful. I work in the corporate world and when I’m stressed, I open your website just so that I can be soothed by the photos. Oh, I also live in the desert but am a florida native, so it satisfies my desert weary eyes’ need for green. 🙂

    anyway, you could offer some details on how you set up your tomatoes?!? I love your wall of tomatoes. I tried to emulate, but it didnt work. must have done something different. any advice would be much appreciated.

  9. Annette says:

    Love the pictures! So organized. =) If I may ask, how do you keep the goats fenced in? Looks like bamboo posts?

  10. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the nasturtiums…I bet they look so beautiful with the peaches! I almost thought the green beans were a praying mantis!

    And now I think I have to plant a pineapple guava…how pretty is that?!

  11. Mary Hysong says:

    It’s heating up around here, we’ll get a few more peas before they are kaput, but the spinach has already gone by the wayside. 90+ just does not agree with it, even in the shade. however the heat lovers are taking off, lima beans, okra, watermelons, malabar & NZ spinach, squash, et. Because I work 40 hrs, sometimes more, away from home + babysit grand kids that have ball games & such going on, I’ve been a wee bit behind keeping the seedlings coming along so I’m sure there will be some harvest gaps pretty soon, cool weather stuff done but hot weather stuff not ready yet, but I’m learning too, like how often, how much of something I need to keep planting to keep it going as long as possible. As always I love to see your garden 😉

  12. Jenny says:

    Hi Anais and Co, our feijoas ( pineapple guava) are just ripening here in the southern hemisphere as yours are just beginning to flower.

    Your garden looks gorgeous. I love your cottage garden mix of plants in the front garden.

  13. LittleAntFarm says:

    Impressive pics. I love the nasturtiums. I’ve planted my first of those ever this year along with marigolds as pest protection in my raised beds. It has taken forever for the nasturtiums to poke out of the ground but finally they are there.

  14. Chiot's Run says:

    Looking good you guys as always. I love love love to see photos around the garden.

    We just had our last frost (hopefully) here so everythin will be full swing here soon!

  15. Paula says:

    Lovely pics! Where can I get some “propaganda” like yours?

  16. Lu says:

    Hello! I have been following your blog since I discovered it in January. Let me tell you it has sure helped with the Pacific NW Blues! Particularly here in Eugene, OR. Down in Pasadena you are a few steps ahead of us- our nasturtiums have just sprouted, we are finally eating a few leaves of spinach now and then and I can see some green dots in the basil pots on the patio.
    I just love the site- the photos collections, the weekly meal wrap-up and that you include great photos of your projects like soap-making and honey gathering so that all of us poor saps in temporary rentals can cheer you on and hold on to some inspiration until we get a chance to try it ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Lu Enman, OR

  17. DoubleD says:

    The garden is progressing splendidly (as usual!). Glad to see the first tomato of the season – always a celebration in my garden!

  18. Stephanie in AR says:

    Our garden is still just plans. We moved into this home in November too late to even break up the old pasture. This spring has been so wet we don’t even dare to try, even in thick pasture grass we sink into the ground. Hopefully the weather will co-operate soon. At least the soil will be good & warm once everything dries out. Many of the spring seeds are now slated for the fall garden.

  19. Anne P. says:

    It is all so beautiful! Thank-you for posting such inspiring pictures!

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