Now that we back to overcast and cooler “sweater” weather, we are still having to deal with the aftermath of the triple digits temps ( hot weather smashes 90 + year records.) that caused much of the cooler weather greens bolt.

The dramatic spike in temps really played havoc with the greens knocking our rotation planting for a loop — meaning a bit of extra work on our parts to clean up after the heatwave.    Hopefully we can get another sowing in before summer but with the way the weather’s been acting no one can be certain of anything these days.

By the end of this week I should have the rental agreement signed from the school for our next Film & Food night schedule for Sunday May 24.  We are excited to screen another new documentary regarding water woes.

Stay tuned for details!

Self watering pot using an clay olla

Making use of every available growing space – even the driveway!

Clusters of blueberries.  We patiently wait for them to turn BLUE!

Edible landscaping in the front yard is a mixture of herbs and vegetables.  Can you spot two lady bugs in the photo.


  1. Devin Quince says:

    Great post. We are actually in the process of tearing out 3/4 of our driveway for more beds!

  2. Stacy says:

    Proof my area is a touch ahead of yours in season – half my blueberries are ready. Granted, I think my entire plant has as many as are shown in your photo, but more than I had last year!

  3. Anne P. says:

    It’s all so beautiful! I love seeing pictures of your homestead! 🙂

  4. thyhandhathprovided says:

    I agree- I love seeing the photos- beautiful!

  5. Tara Morris says:

    We live in Seattle and I just started our first garden… it is so amazing to see the veggies starting to grow! I don’t really know what I am doing but your site is inspiring. 🙂

  6. Janice says:

    Beautiful photos! I would love to hear more about your rotation planting system. Like, what do you plant in succession, what do you plant under larger plants, and how you keep your blueberry so healthy! Mine is barely producing and the leaves seem a bit pink. What do I need for it to be happy and healthy? I’ve given it lots of peatmoss, and mulched it with 4″ of pine needles. I also gave it some unused coffee grounds, since we gave up drinking caffein.

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