No entries today; instead, a day of remembrance
To the memory of those who died on 9/11, their families and to the many thousands of soldiers and civilians who continue to die on a daily basis as victims of a world filled with terror and war.
with hopes and prayers of lighting a path to peace…

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  1. gerry medland says:

    As time marches on it is memory that keeps courage and hope alive that one day there will be an end to terror,war and suffering,this I firmly believe.Those who died 5 years ago and those who have died since will not be forgotten but remembered in our hearts and minds,one day war will cease!

  2. James Newton says:

    Just a quick note: While I also greave for the loss of the ~2800 from 9/11, and the 2,671 US and ~40,000 Iraqi deaths from the war, it should be remembered that every single year (since the 1960’s) more than 60,000 US citizens die in automobile accidents. One in every 84 of us will die on the roads. Even more die from Stroke (1 in 24), Cancer (1 in 7), and Heart Disease (1 in 5).

    PathToFreedom is an effective solution to all of these issues. No need to leave home, healthy diet and lifestyle, and a reduced dependance on foreign oil and the political problems it causes are all things we can learn here, from your web site.

    Focusing on a few thousand to the degree that we have, and to the exclusion of the path that can really save us, is simple proof for me that the human creature suffers from sadly distorted perceptions and priorities.

    Let us weep ONE tear today and cry unabashedly every other day for the reality of our lives. And now I need to plant my fall crops.

  3. Vicki Atz says:

    Very thoughtful and respectful of you, my sweet little cousins. Have you all ever checked out, virtual candles, I think it’s pretty neat. Love, Vicki ,keep up the good work you do!Always enjoy your postings.