We have a pair of mockingbirds that have a nest in a nearby tree and they’ve taken to taunting Spanky on a daily, hourly basis.   They are doing what they instinctively should do – defend their babies from predators  However,  you see Spanky, is not really a predator or cat he’s a a “wussy cat.”  He doesn’t hunt mice or even birds – he’s a lover not a fighter.  No, siree, he’d much rather snooze on his favorite chair or lounge on hood of the car.   About the only thing Spanky is good for is a cuddle object by us mere humans but he can only tolerates a little love at a time.

While out with the goats in the morning Jordanne captured one of the mockingbirds trying to drive Spanky away.  But as you can see from his demeanor, he could care less the ruckus the poor mockingbird was making.   So, to give the poor mockingbird some peace of mind, I went and took Spanky down from his morning lookout post (he wasn’t too thrilled about that)  and put in on his favorite chair on the porch.

Then only a few minutes later guess what?  The mockingbird spotted Spanky on the porch and flew in to taunt him once again.  Spanky, minding his own business on his comfy throne, decided he had enough of this crazed bird antics and went inside the house for some peace and quiet.

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  1. ~~Melissa says:

    Yay Spanky! I once found one of my cats sleeping beside a fallen nest of baby robins. They were squawking like mad and the cat was sound asleep. Cats are funny, no doubt about it.

  2. Stacy says:

    We have the same problem with our cat. They are relentless. And they have taken to pecking at the tomatoes. This is SERIOUS!!!! No one messes with my tomatoes!

  3. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife says:

    My geriatric cat has taken lately to disappearing for 36 hours at a time, which is not good since she’s supposed to get twice daily pills for her hyperthyroidism. Fortunately, the jenny wrens around here can scold a cat like nobody’s business. They’ve twice alerted me to my cat’s whereabouts, which lets me simply go outside towards the scolding and scoop her up. I’m very appreciative of those harridan songbirds!

  4. bess says:

    that gave me a good laugh! thanks.

  5. Lisa A. says:

    Great photos! I didn’t even notice the bird until I read the post. We have at least 50 barn swallows living in our barn. Every time my cat, Daisy, goes out there she gets dive-bombed by at least 10 of them. And she could care less!

  6. DoubleD says:

    Poor Spanky! Just minding his own business and yet no peace. LOL!

  7. CatHerder says:

    awww poor Spanky. All of my herd are INDOOR ONLY cats, but they like to sit in the window and watch the squirrels and the birds. We even have one squirrel who regularly visits them in the window, its adorable. We do, however, have a neighbor cat that seems never leaves our tent area, always lounging on the wicker couch…or in the shade of the trees…the BLUE JAYS HATE HIM, and i always know when Nemo is in trouble when i hear those jays screaming. Since the cat has been hanging around, i dont put feeders up anymore. Pat Spanky on the head for me..what a cutie!

  8. Joleen says:

    Magpies used to harass my cat, Larry, and dive down and peck him on his back!! Even when he went in the house and was sleeping on my bed, those silly magpies would sit on the windowseal outside and peck on the window and squack at him!!!!

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