You know it’s wickedly HOT when candles start melting!

So Cal is still in the midst of brutal heat & humidity wave.  Relief, they say, is in sight.    It’s supposedly cooler today by a degree or so – only 104 instead of 105.   Yeah, like it makes a difference!  Temps will gradually taper down to a “cool” 99 degrees by Wednesday.     Whoopee!  Now can get back to canning.  Just too durn hot to do anything in the kitchen these days (wonder how hard it would be to erect/make an outdoor kitchen like my friends in Tennessee have *hint* *hint* hello, I’m hinting here guys! ).

Figs and other homegrown goodies await to be “put up”… only a few more days girls and we’ll get to you!



  1. Joy Giles says:

    We’ve been mostly in upper 90s and a few 100-102. All I say is that it isn’t like last summer. Many days of what you all are having now. Stay hydrated.

  2. elaine nieves says:

    Yes, I agree the weather in SoCal has been scorching! Lots of my vegetables have gotten scorched from the sun, even though they are watered. The only time I can get anything done is in the early morning or later when the sun goes down. Maybe you could dehydrate some of those figs instead of canning all of them. Stay in the shade and drink lots of cool drinks while we wait for this heat spell to break.

  3. Bob says:

    It sounds like a regular summer to me’

    in Oklahoma . Tho we are having a cool spell for few days 90’s

  4. lori says:

    We’re finally getting a break from the heat today. Hang in there and keep cool.

  5. Ginger says:

    In PHX with temps well above 110; we even had a few 115 days. Love the heat, but this is ridiculous.

  6. Michelle says:

    This is actually normal southern california weather. The last few years or so….have not been normal….does anyone care to guess about the weather patterns we are having?

    Stay cool…


  7. cara says:

    For about $100 you could buy a cook top that is installed in the top of a countertop which also can be had brand new for about $100 ( you cut the right sized hole). You would need to check the electric and I would recommend a screened or screenable area with a water source. It does keep the heat out of the house but is not necessarily cooler for the cook.

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