Tickle Your Taste Buds

The weather’s warming up so that means it’s time for you know what–  ICE CREAM!  Made here locally with organic milk and other locally grown ingredients.

This cold & tasty treat is brought to you by an award winning creamery just up the road from the homestead.

Rose Petal Ice cream is baaack (made with our very own red roses)!

Stop by for scoops of yummy seasonal flavors from Carmela Ice Cream now at The Urban Homestead’s “Front Porch Farmstand” (Open Sunday – Friday.  Closed Saturday)

Enjoy this handcrafted ice cream by the scoop, sit in our front garden (pictured above) or bring your own containers and we’ll fill them up with this delicious treat.

All together now… I SCREAM!



  1. deanna says:

    Well I have been inspired. I was thinking lemon verbena and lavender ice cream would be really nice. Just wanted to drop by and say, “hi”. I stop by from time to time on the boards. It has been really moving to see the changes your family has made over the years. It has inspired my family to do the same. Since seeing your website the first time 4-5 years ago we have made changes in our own lives as well. The gardens are larger (Our family had never garden in our lives before seeing your homegrown revolution video), we have raised chickens for the last few years, I have been apprenticing as an herbalist with a local wild-crafter/ herbalist for the last two years. We make almost all of our soaps, store most of the food we either grow ourselves or get from the local farmers. It is really nice to know who is growing your foods. It has been a slow process and with one scoop of dirt at a time we are starting to become more self sufficient. My next feet is to make and learn how to use a still to make flower essences and essential oils and learn how to make bio fule. I am glad you are sharing with the world a better way of living. Understanding how to build a homestead in the city and apply the knowledge you share has brought our family closer together, hopefully lessened our impact on the environment and has given joy and knowledge to others in our own neighborhood. Thanks for sharing your passion and good works. It has planted seeds all over and they are starting to germinate.

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