With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.  ~Thomas Foxwell Buxton

It’s that time of year again, when we close a chapter on one year and look forward to writing another entry in the new year.  My, how this year has flown by!  For our family, it has been a year of ups, downs and round and rounds.

There’s a quiet revolution on the resolution front.  While most people are making their resolution list and checking it twice, there’s a group of creative thinkers who are choosing a WORD OF THE YEAR instead . Choosing a Word of the Year, they say, “helps emphasize HOW you want to live your life rather on a specific activity that you should or should not do.”

My word  for 2012 would be courtesy the “Ex-traw-din-derry” Minnie of Lark Rise to Candleford (this BBC tv series is certainly one of my “weaknesses”) in which she says, “I aim to be Per-sis-ter-rence”

I just love Minnie’s take on the word “Persistence,” don’t you?  So “Per-sis-ter-rence”  it is!

“One thing I know for certain is that persistence is the key to success. No matter what we want out of life, if we are consistent in our pursuit, eventually we’ll get just what we ask for. Seek, and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and the door shall be opened for you. We have not cause we ask not. And when we don’t get it immediately, we give up, as if our season of reaping is in our control. Never give up and the season of reaping has no choice but to come, not in our time but at the right time.”
Persistence is the Key to Success

What about you, readers? What WORD would you choose for 2012 to help you to better yourself and the world around you?

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  1. Deb says:


  2. Dan Langhoff says:


  3. Dan Langhoff says:


  4. Natalie V2 says:

    We love Minnie… And the series Lark Rise to Candleford.
    I think my word for the year will be: Active. I need to move, and make things happen. Happy New Year, to us all! Persistence and action… they go nicely together, yes?

  5. Florence says:


  6. Elise says:


  7. Angela says:

    My word is “growth”. I’m in the process of buying a townhouse and becoming a first time home-owner. And you bet I’ll be planting a garden in 2012!

  8. TechChik says:

    “Bloody-mindedness” is mine. It’s helped me finish or continue to work on so many projects around the house: the new garden beds last spring, the quilt that’s 18 months and counting (and hopefully done next month!), and the unexpected basement remodel when we found the mould down there.

  9. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, Thank you for reminding of the one word direction for the year. I’ve done this for a couple years but didn’t think of it for 2012. My word for this year after some thought would be ( “Achiever”). There are many things that I want to do this next year. The expansion of the garden, the finishing of the backyard patio, the building of a seed starting station, the finishing of the basement storage area, and the list goes on.

  10. Akovia says:

    Spring will mark the “beginning” of our urban farm adventure.

  11. Ian says:

    My little mantra is 3 words if that’s allowed 😛

    Fail – Adjust – Iterate

    Its not that different to persistence, its just that there is that little bit in there that makes sure I stop to consider what I have learned if I don’t get what I wanted right away. Great Post 🙂

  12. Acacia says:


  13. martin johnstone, outer hebrides says:

    my word, after consideration, is quite a long one-
    Maybe it’s more than one word right enough, but i dont feel quite resolved enough at the moment to commit to a new word. lol.

  14. Chris V says:

    Peace …. (to seek and pursue it diligently, may it be my umpire as I make decisions, continually striving to create an atmosphere of peace in my home, garden and in my relationships with others meeting them where they are at in Peace …

  15. Ann Erdman says:


  16. Juanita says:


  17. Amber says:

    My word for 2012 is GROW!
    We are planting our first garden this year!

  18. c says:

    “Love” It is so easy to ask for others to overlook or forgive our short commings. But do we give that forgiveness back to others at all times? Do we assume that they really did not mean to _________ ( do whatever we found to be offensive or hurtfull.) It starts with love. We must WANT the best for everyone we come in contact with, no matter what they appear to “give” to us. It has to start with love. Nothing else is powerful enough.
    And if I love others, I must also love myself. That entails being honest with self, careing for self in health habits etc and not over indulging self. It means critically looking at self and habits but with loving eyes that want to foster positive changes, not depression. Love lifts us up and heals the hurts and gives us access to the ultimate love, His love.

  19. Monica says:


    • Monica says:

      My dog’s word … manners. ;0)

  20. Anna Vaschina says:


  21. Ingrid says:


  22. Joy Giles says:

    Understanding and compassionate

  23. Rosie says:

    Be still,
    let go,

  24. Leslie says:

    “Awareness” Taking the time to be more aware of taking better care of our planet. In other words; no pesticides (which we haven’t for years), better water conservation, etc, etc…

  25. Chris Windsor says:


  26. brian says:


    I often find myself focusing too much on the desired results that I forget to focus on the process. I forget to see the small details which are incredibly important, more important than the results. Planting a garden and caring for animals do bring results, but losing yourself in the process is life affirming. One of my favorite excerpts from literature is from Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations,” Pip is looking at the texture and color of seeds and corduroy. Amazing. Let’s all get lost in the PROCESS this year.

    • Anais Dervaes says:

      So true! Love Dickens, Pip and Great Expectations! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  27. All Natural Katie says:

    So many great ideas! My word for 2011 was Peace! My words for 2012 are:

    Humility and Faith

    Although I like the persistence also.

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