How to grow organic vegetables

Q. I am so impressed w/ your garden.  I would like to learn more about
growing organic vegetables.  It would be so good if I can start educate
people of my community to protect the earth.  I do not want to make this
a business because I am a working single mom, so my time is filled up w/
work and my children.  However, I would like to learn your method to
grow at least a decent tomatoes and other vegetables.  I don’t know
which pesticide product you use.  Are you thinking of writing a book or
have a class to teach others in the coming year?  Or can you tell me
more about your method?  Thanks, Amie

A. We are always happy to hear of people who are inspired to start their
own garden.  Due to our busy schedule, we do not know when we will have
time to get around to writing a book, although we would like to some
day.  In the meantime, we write about how we garden, what we plant,
etc., in our online journal at .
Also, we recommend the book ‘How to Grow
More Vegetables,’ by John Jeavons, which may be purchased at our online

We don’t use any chemical pesticides on our garden; rather, we look for
organic solutions to pests and other problems.

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  1. LIsa Davis says:

    Dear Friends,

    My daughter saw you on the TV and was impressed. So am I, but here is my question: with zoning laws being as they are, how can you raise goats, chickens, ducks, etc. without getting into trouble with the city as well as your neighbors. I live in the Pasadena area and am well acquainted with Pasadena.

    Your interested kindred spirit


  2. Joe says:

    Some cities have law that allow you to have a limited number of certain animals. Other animals you need to register. For example, in Seattle you are allowed to keep up to three chickens as “pets” inside the city limits. I’d imagine that pygmy goats and potbellied pigs would fall under similar rules, depending on your individual town.

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