Thanks for all your positive comments and interest in this film, great to see such enthusiastic interest.

A little back history how ‘HomeGrown’ came about.

We were approached last year to be ONE of THREE subjects for a documentary about eco conscious folks. Actually our part in the film was supposed to be about 10 minutes. Turns out that 10 minutes ended up being more like 50 minutes because during filming the director/editor decided to just focus primarily on our family and 20 year long urban homesteading project. .

We were also surprised to learn who he requested to compose the musically score since we weren’t expecting such fine musical element.

Actually we really had no part in this film besides what we were willing to share on camera. In fact, none of us were paid for appearing in this film, nor do we have any controlling interest. We have no ownership rights to this film so we have absolutely NO part in it’s release or distribution.

As for the film’s release and what happens next is not up to us nor is it in our hands. Further inquires should be made to the film maker at Let him know you are interested because we really can’t do much at this point, nor are we in a position to give you any details.

Also as with any film, it’s the public that creates the buzz. So if you would like to see this film actually go somewhere, well, then it’s also up to you.

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