Hot weather gardening

Q. My family of four lives in Silverado Canyon & have had
similar inspirations to live a more self-sufficient
lifestyle.  I have to admit – we’ve only focused on
food so far – we rely heavily on the power grid & KC

We are fortunate to have over an acre of usable land
on our 24 acre mountainside property.  We HAVE NOT
even begun to use our property in ways that I saw you
are able to do in the article in the LA Times & on
your website.

We have been most successful in raising animals up to
this point.  We raise chickens, sell eggs and raise
meat flocks twice per year.  There is a man who raises
cattle in Trabuco Canyon – his herd has been
self-sustained for over 20 years and is fully grass
fed.  Between the ground meat we buy from him & our
chicken, we rarely buy meat at the store.

We are from Pennsylvania & I have had a really tough
time figuring out when is the appropriate time to
plant various vegetables here.  The weather is so hot
in the summer that I feel like nothing can grow!  We
are very interested in expanding our gardening
efforts, but definitely need help in learning how to
work with the weather here!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!  -Stephanie.

A. We document how we garden and what we plant (including successes and
failures) at our online journal at .
I’d recommend you read through the archives for a given month.
For example, read the entries for the month of February for the last
five years to see our gardening activities for this time of year.

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