Excessive heat warnings were issued yesterday and again today throughout the Southland.   Combine the high heat with humidity and you’ve got a heat index of 115 – very, very uncomfortable for man and beast.   It was so hot event the flies weren’t out – nothing was stirring.   It’s not the heat so much, but the humidity sucks the breath right out of you and not to mention exude moisture from every skin cell.

Every couple of hours we had to go out and hose down the animal enclosure to cool off the animals. The cats barely moved from their spots on the cool wood floor and we humans tried our best to stay cool w/o air conditioning. With the high humidity, open windows and doors did little to help the situation; instead, had to find ways to bring our body temperature down. So, we would splash water on ourselves just to find some relief — and drink lots of water. By early evening, when there was no air movement and we just couldn’t take it any longer. we gave in and plugged in  a fan for a brief bit – just to get some air moving.

Yesterday was the hottest ( and most uncomfortable day) since we can remember in 20 years.   At night when we would normally expect relief from the heat when cool desert air would start to flow, we spent an uncomfortable night with the low of 75 degrees. Checking on the animals last night before going to bed, we saw that the chickens were still panting – and this was at about 10 pm! So we misted them down with a spray bottle to help give them some relief.

It’s going to be another muggy and extremely hot day today, so we are up early trying to get as much done as possible early this morning. Work on the roof has been halted because it’s just too uncomfortable to be doing any physical work. There’s no relief until midweek when we’ll experience a cool down to a high of 90 degrees — whooohoo!    And more heat is expected since August and September are the hottest months here — can it get any hotter than this?     One nearby city has experienced 16 consecutive days of triple digits – breaking more records.

Jordanne gave a good description about how hot she was to a friend this morning on the phone, she said “I feel like the wicked witch of the west — I’m melting.”… not from water (like in the book), but the from heat that is.

California roasts in record-breaking heat

And if you aren’t hot enough where you are, perhaps this next article will get your temperature up a bit – we’ve only just begun.


Yes, it’s hot, but warming has just begun{Courier Journal}

We complain about the weather because we can and must, but global warming is the elephant in this room. We are living through the hottest year in recorded history; the icebergs are melting, the polar caps are retreating. Billions of creatures are already being affected, and the dodos and dinosaurs in Washington are still looking for proof that this is a very fragile planet.
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On Friday while visiting our friends in South Pas, we found out that one of them had just been in a car accident. Thankfully, no one was badly hurt — except for his hybrid car. This  now makes two friends of ours who were in car damaging accidents — and in less than two months. 

In the News

We received an email yesterday from a lady saying she read about us in the   We were unaware of this and checked to make sure and sure enough….

Back(yard) to the land
Family grows its meals on tiny urban lot

For most people, eating organic means a trip to the local whole- foods store and, often, a hit to their wallets. For the Dervaes family, eating organic requires only a trip to the garden. The family of four raises 3 tons of food each year — enough to supply three-quarters of their diet and maintain a thriving organic produce business to boot.
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read Natural Home & Garden piece {pdf file}

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  1. Anne says:

    I loved the article and the pictures of your garden. I too am growing strawberries in hanging baskets and using vertcial space but seeing it in your yard gave me more ideas. I usually intercrop and mulch and the results have been quite good so far despite the heat. You are doing a great job…

  2. James Newton says:

    Check the Department of Transportation web site and you will find that about 50,000 people die on the federal highways each year. 3,000 die on the local roads in California, so it is a VERY conservative estimate to say that around 60,000 Americans die on the roads each year.

    Just for perspective, that is more Americans deaths than in all the years of the Viet Nam war. It is better than 20 times the number that died in 9/11.

    Combine that with the polution, foreign oil dependance, and insane lifestyles that cars promote and you can make a pretty good case for getting away from them.

    And your lack of commuting, reduced trips to the market, and bio-fuel are a true guiding inspiration.

    Thank you. And good luck with the heat… Have to looked into Earth Tubes?