Homestead Herbal: Calendula Salve


A simple, traditional healing balm or ointment with healing and anti-inflammatory powers.  A must for your homestead first aid or beauty kit.

Calendula Salve

1/2 cup calendula petal infused oil
1/8 cup beeswax
10-40 drops essential oil  (I like lemon)

Melt the oil and beeswax in a double boiler under  medium-lowish heat until wax is melted.  Add essential oils, stir.

Remove from heat and pour into tins or jars.

One thing to note: since this cream contains no  preservatives,  it’s perishable and has a short shelf life. Use within a month or two  and store in the refrigerator between uses.

Uses: dry skin, rash, scars, spider and varicose veins,  dermatitis, healing of wounds, diminishing or healing scars, treating fungal conditions, chapped lips and hands, sunburns  and diaper rash.






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