The goats enjoy play time and an evening snack of greens from the garden, hay and grain

Street side view of the front yard with line filled with wildflowers that act as a beneficial border attracting loads of butterflies, birds and insects (lady bugs, praying manti and bees!).

The sun finally peeked thru yesterday. It’s been days since we’ve seen some decent sunshine. In fact it’s been downright cold and dreary. Early Wednesday AM and during for brief periods during the day, a heavy drizzle fell. A little after midnight, Jordanne was awaken by the sound of rain falling off the roof and woke me and Justin up. We had to go out and cover the earth oven and bring in the solar ovens since the perciptation was a little unexpected.

I think we’ve caught up on most of the comments left by our readers. It’s great to see reader participation and hear of others journey. The Daily Bread post is hopping with commentors – care to share your fave bread recipes?

A few of you have inquired about when the NIGHLINE piece will air. As soon as we have a definite air time, we’ll let you know! Should be interesting to see how the piece comes together since they were here filming for three days and got some interesting “behind the scenes” look at life here on the urban homestead.

Farmer D is still nursing an old ankle injury that flares up now and again. Yesterday evening Farmer D was invited for an 1 hr long telephone interview with Tera from the Raw Divas to speak to their private membership club. Thanks again Tera for the invite, we appreciated sharing our journey with your members.

The garden’s growing and the wildflowers are blooming. It’s springtime ya’ll!

Closer look at the beneficial border. A colorful display of California poppies, bachelor buttons, cosmos and scarlet flax

The lady bugs are here! Loads of ladybugs are hatching in the “beneficial border” – welcome little fellas.

Strawberry delight – homemade strawberry bars with fresh, homegrown strawberries. No artificial coloring needed.

Yesterday, we (Jordanne & I) made our first batch strawberry bars of the season. Of course by today the tray was complete demolished. We’ve been snacking on fresh strawberries for about a week now and couldn’t wait to make our first berry bars of the season.

As for the other berries growing here on the urban homestead, we harvested a first few blueberries. We are up against Mr or Mrs Mockingbird who has been spotted snatching a couple. Will have to put up some bird netting if he gets to be too much of a berry snatcher.

Coming up next – Weekly Meal Wrap Up and perhaps more!

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  1. anajz says:

    Anais, do you share your recipes online…or have I just not found them yet? The strawberry bars look scrumptuous.

    The photos of your wildflowers are beautiful. Living on a corner lot, I have two very long parkways between the sidewalk and street. I have considered removing the grass from the back section, but felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t ready to plant it to something edible yet. Your explanation of your being a beneficial border has prompted me to take action. Hopefully it will not be too late to sow some wildflower seeds. Do you have preferences toward particular species for attracting the beneficials?
    Please send our best to Farmer D. Old injuries can be the worst during rainy spells.

  2. Ken Kunst says:

    Those strawberry bars look so good! I’ve been making lemon bars since we have an awesome meyer lemon tree, but we’ve harvested all of those, so now I’ve got to try the strawberry bars. Thanks for those pictures. Also, the close-ups of the beneficial’s in your front yard are so inspiring. I’m on the path to create a front yard like yours! Talk about “curb appeal”!!

  3. Janice K says:

    You’re wildflowers are gorgeous! I have a question about the strawberries. We have a problems with pill-bugs (sow-bugs, rolly-pollys) eating our berries right when they get ripe. How do you control those insects? BTW, your Strawberry Bars look scrumptious!

  4. Jan says:

    Oh wow your strawberry bars look wonderful!! I plan to plant more strawberries.

    The birds have been on our cherry tree. Thinking I am in need of bird netting also!

  5. A says:

    WOW! Will you share that recipe? My kids and I are working on our first strawberry patch and I would love to make some of those from them!!

  6. Leroy Lazzell says:

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