New olla bed, winter garden, Fairlight, baking day, spring!


from around the urban homestead. I had to put in a picture of ‘Lady Fairlight’ (our Nigerian Dwarf) because she was jealous of Blackberry getting all the attention lately. 😉

First Signs of Spring

Looks as if ol’Punx Phil was right. Daffodils are blooming, peaches and apple trees budding – spring looks as if it’s definitely early! Everyone on the urban homestead has caught spring fever – We gals are getting ready for baby chicks and ducks (interested injoining in the fun?), Jules & Justin are improving the soil with the organic compost (from our many compost bins and piles) adding and spreading natural fertilizer and amendments.

Everyone’s helping with the planting, pruning and re-landscaping (the newolla bed in the front yard is drawing lots of attention with folks commenting “what’s that?”) due to the freeze damage.

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  1. Clare says:

    OOhhh, daffodils and apple blossoms? I’m so envious! Up here in the northern foothills it is very much winter. But it gives me something to look forward to!

  2. Nancy Kelly says:

    No! You CAN’T have apple blossoms already? Tell me those photos are from last year. I’m in the desert and my trees are JUST forming their buds.

    Your goats are absolutely adorable. I want one so badly! Someday for sure.


  3. littlejennywren says:

    Happy spring.

  4. Craig Junkins says:

    Hey there Guys,
    I’ve been coming to your web site for a coupe of years now, and I absolutely love what you’re doing.
    I bought a solar oven from Peddler’s Wagon a couple of months ago, and it’s great! I’ve had a cardboard box oven for years, but this time of year, we really can’t use them, the sun’s too low.
    Anyway, I live in Indiana, and yesterday we got 17″ of snow on the ground with some blowing and drifting. Well, today the sun was out, and I stuck that little oven on top of a snow drift while I shoveled out my driveway. Four hours later, the driveway was done, and I was inside enjoying some chicken breast and mixed vegetables!! Eighteen degrees on a snow covered February day, and I’m still cooking with the sun.
    Thanks for the oven, and keep up the great work!!!