Rain, Glorious Rain!
After a week’s worth of transplanting and re-landscaping the rainfall is such a blessing!

Reusing materials in the garden

Reusing & Recycling Materials

Edging that lasts is an essential in any garden, finding cheap and lasting materials is always a challenge too. With Habitat for Humanity’s “salvage” warehouse about a 1/2 mile from our house, we stop in every once and awhile to see if they have anything we can use. This month they have a few pallets of concrete slate roofing tiles for cheap.    The other day, Jules & Justin picked up a few and are using them in the garden as edging. Don’t have to worry about this edging rotting anytime soon.

25 Years of Mother

A gentlemen who read about us in the LA Times called us up the other day and asked if we wanted his 25 year collection of Mother Earth News. He said after reading the part in the article about how Jules went to New Zealand with 13 issues of Mother Earth news to start a new life he’d thought about giving us a call. He told me that he always wanted to find a good home for them, thought about selling them on Ebay, but instead he was happy to find someone that would appreciate them and share them with others.   We are certainly excited and proud to be inheritors of such a prized collection.

Flipping through a few of the issues, a few things are date, but overall the information is still basically relevant and useful. Such back to basics practices really never change or go out of date. It would be great one day to have a facility or “sustainable library” where our family could make available all the books and magazines we’ve accumulated over time available to others in community.   Such a “back to basics” sharing library in urban communities would certainly cut down on resources. If every community or block had a sustainable library then each and everyone/household wouldn’t have to buy copies of the magazine issues or books when they could be shared among 10 or 100 households.   Now I’ve touched on an issue – sharing tools.   Take for instance a single any-town block of homes – I bet every household has a lawn mower, one or two power tools, chain saw, perhaps even a pick up truck. OK you can see where this change of thought is going. What if every block had a “common house.” A shed or place of sorts that would carry one or a few items that everyone on that block uses at one time or another imagine how much resources every block/household could save?


Three’s Company

Mr Duck is sweet on Dawn, they seem to be a pair – how cute! Dixie on the other hand, having been the dominate she-duck for four years is still a bit standoffish towards the male and his sweetie. Even though they all hang out together, er flock together, there’s no sign yet of Dixie doing the “bobbing head dance” with Mr Duck. We have yet to check to see if the eggs from Dawn are fertile – I am assuming they are now. We’d like to hatch some baby ducks and that will hopefully happen after hatching a few baby chicks first.

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  1. gerry medland says:

    I have told Dickie duck about your mr Duck,he says,doris,daisy and dolores are too much for one duck?Do you think he is asking for help in the wooing dept?When I conversed with my gals they said’no comment’!Do you think Dickie duck is thinking about retirement?Has the cold weather been the last straw?
    gerry m,guardian of a confused drake!LOL

  2. Nancy Kelly says:

    I have a duck question. I bought a plastic pond for him (he is Mr. Duck too!) to swim in, but he doesn’t use it. I saw him in it the day after I got it, but never again. It is maybe 3 feet deep, do you think it is too deep? I made kind of a stairway with pavers so he could get up to it and dive in, so I don’t think access is the problem. (He gets up the stairs just fine to get into the house, you know how THAT goes!) Maybe it is getting out that is the problem? There are a couple of ledges, meant to put water plants, that I thought he could use, but maybe they are too slippery? I notice your pond is much shallower, do ducks prefer shallow? I live in Phoenix and thought he would want a big pond to do some serious swimming and diving when the summer heat comes.

    I need to get him a lady friend, is it okay to get just one?

    I would appreciate any advice!