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Peppers, beans, eggplant, tomatoes, variety of salad greens, herbs and more.
Received an email from a friend who is apprenticing at a farm up north and he confirmed our observation and said the seasons a bit off kilter up there too. (not to mention the comments left by our reader’s who are, too, noticing that the season’s a bit off).  

In the garden

Happy days! Butterflies and more butterflies flitting from flower to flower enjoying the nectar from the chaste tree, echinacea, goldenrod, butterfly bushes and many more. And mantis everywhere…


Besides the every day “routine” there’s a lot of extraneous stuff happening. So postings have been sparse and lacking in detail. Can’t really sit still and concentrate when there are a million things that need to be done so postings about daily life have been, what I call “pretty pathetic.” Sorry!


Work on the roof is progressing; however, now we have to deal with lead paint issues on the now exposed rafters (if we decide ever to paint the house). Basically, we want the lead paint gone – out! So that’s another job to tackle. One thing leads into another… not surprised.

What’s your fingerprint?

On August 13th Path to Freedom will be joining the Messiah Lutheran Church/Iglesia Luterana Mesias to host a screening of “this summer’s OTHER global warming film.”

The Great Warming: The Fingerprints Are Ours (

… the unpopular but much-proved notion that, supply-wise, we’re sliding off of the back side of a global hydrocarbon energy bell curve that makes our energy situation even more urgent than most realize – renders his film, at best, an “Inconvenient HALF Truth.” Sure, we can talk about constructing alternative energy systems – solar, wind, hydro – to replace our dwindling fossil fuel energy reserves in the face of global warming. But creating these new systems ALSO takes incredible amounts of energy, fossil fuel or otherwise.
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‘The Great Warming’ shows the impact we humans have had on this planet (the only livable one we know of) one wonders: are we “at the point of no return.” Those who are close to the soil and nature (farmsteaders, naturalists) are the ones that notice the signs that something is wrong… nature its out of balance, how do we regain the balance and fast.

Sometimes you feel like someone has your hands, feet, mouth, tied while you watch a crime and you can’t do anything about it except watch helplessly.   However, let’s look at the big picture on a smaller scale (“what I can do level”). Individually, we make a change and hopefully, more people will follow each of us who is living by example, our simple revolutionary actions – that, and hope, is sometimes what keeps us going.  

What’s your impact: Personal Impact Calculator Taking this basic test we scored under 10,000 pounds of emission while the average emission per American household is 45,000 pounds.

Other handy calculators 

::PTF Scores::
Footprint: 5 acres /1.2 planets
Carbon: 1 ton


The Vanishing {OnEarth}

Why something so small matters so much.
…The decline of honeybee populations has brought the agricultural community to the brink of a pollination crisis. The best hope for the long-term survival of many American farmers may be the revival of native bees
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We really miss our 10 hives that we once had tucked here on our property in Pasadena. Whenever we spot a bee(s) these days they always give us a cheerful feeling, knowing that by their hard and industrial work, we’ll get fruit. However, with the threat here in the West of killer bees, there have been a pretty extensive eradication of wild bees in the area.   I also remember the troubles we had with some mites attacking the bees. Several times, in Florida Jules had to destroy them (burn) all and start over since Jules was against treating the bees with chemicals/antibiotics.

Feet on carpet of thyme
The Major Health Benefits of Going Barefoot (Really!)

The introduction of the now out-of-print book “Take Off Your Shoes and Walk” by Simon J. Wikler D.S.C., states that, ” — Practically all shoes worn daily by men and women in our Western civilization have little relation to the shape of the human foot — Most adults’ foot trouble would either not exist or would be much less bothersome if properly-shaped shoes had been worn during childhood or, better yet, if those people had gone barefoot — ”
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Barefooters rule and healthier too!   After running around barefoot all the time on our 10 acres in Florida, I can remember when we moved here to Pasadena we kids would run around barefoot. The “city kids” would make fun of us, asking: why don’t we didn’t put on/wear shoes. Probably thought to themselves, “dang hillbillies.”

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  1. Kosh says:

    I agree with all of the ‘out of whack’ postings lately. the big thing i’ve noticed this year is our weather here in south eastern MA has mirrored the weather you have been getting in Pasedena. (of course our hot is not as hot, and our cold is colder than your cold) but we seem to be having the same weather patterns.. cold and rainy ‘spring’, then jumped into hot high 80’s humid summer weather.. I laugh (sadly) when i hear the president and others say they dont believe global warming is an issue.. just talk to the older people who remember when they were kids how certain rivers and ponds froze over, and those same bodies of water in our area, freezing over in the winter is unheard of..

    hopefully a more ‘green’ attitude towards life touches more and more people soon, as it has us.


  2. gerry medland says:

    Hi Anais!
    Your postings are never lacking in content,even the short postings are most welcome to a readership ‘hungry’ for insight,inspiration and so much more,which PTF provides most adequately!The weather here is way out of sync,keeping plants and trees watered is a battle against temps that are now unusually high for this country.We had the wettest winter for a decade,yet half the country has a water shortage!Rivers,lakes and ponds are just ‘ceasing’ to be,Still,renewed and invigorated by the inspiration that flows from PTF,I for one am determined to carry through my efforts to play an active part in the revolution!
    kind regards

  3. claire says:

    I used to go barefoot a lot as a child, now its reserved for gardening. too much glass and poop out there now!

  4. Peggy says:

    I would love to go barefoot. Unfortunately, my inherited flat feet won’t allow me to. I did, however, go barefoot as a child!