I know some of you feel that I have been MIA for some time now.  But, before anyone of you reports my inactivity to the Blog Police “Search and Rescue Team,” I would like to explain.

I have been busy.  Really busy.  There is so much going on that I can’t keep up with it all.  And, so, something had to be temporarily suspended and writing on the blog was it (*sigh*).

Jordanne and I have been recently called on to rescue some animals in distress. One was  by a human who called us, asking if we would take in a found chicken (well, he said it looked like a baby chick).  The other?  A lost puppy made a personal request by leaping into my father’s lap while he worked in the front yard.  A few weeks have been spent trying to find its owner with no success.  More on these wayfaring critters in (hopefully) upcoming posts.

Then, there have been a few community projects we had to attend to, plus the work involved with spring and summer plantings.  The change of seasons brought with it our annual  religious observances and we took some much needed time off .   We also had the blessing of being able to help give support to some of our friends who were in need.  We do need each other in so many ways.  Everyone needs somebody to lean on.

Of course, there is the daily routine of making a living which could not be on hold and needed to be attended to, too.  So, when this recent email from a Front Porch Farmstand customer came in, it gave us all a lift to know that, while we are doing something we love, others are appreciating  it and benefiting  too.  It is so good to know that we can help others. In doing so, we help ourselves.  “Funny” how that is.

Sharing the email and article:

I sent you an article written by Dr. Mark Hyman in the Huffington Post. It is titled “How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life.”

It made me think of how you and your family are making such a difference in peoples’ lives by  inviting people in the community to come into your home so they can experience first-hand the make-it-yourself, grow-it-yourself, eat-at-home lifestyle. Whether it’s a Hootenanny, Knit-together, pot-luck movie nights, etc. you demonstrate to the community how enriching these practices are for everyone. You are reviving a lost art and helping to strengthen families and communities.

– MK

Hope y’all are having just as productive spring

Don’t forget to check out all the upcoming events here at the homestead – there’s lot’s more coming, stay tuned


  1. Mitzy says:

    Glad you’re back but the reason for your “MIA” is excellent and is
    better than blogging!

  2. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, its getting busy here in Nebraska too. The bipolar weather here has shrunk the garden prep window down to a limited amount of time. Now the temperatures are warmer the rains are going to set in. It’s going to be a busy time when the ground dries up.

    Have a great California garden day.

  3. Karen says:

    Sometimes we all have to take a break for priority items… I just did the same thing!!!

  4. Drover says:

    That is how we ended up having extra animal guests in our home. They stayed and we enjoyed.

    Thank you for link to the article.

  5. Gunnel says:

    Nice to hear from you again! We hope to have busy time here in sweden soon to. The spring is delayed nearly a month here.

  6. joan shagbark says:

    i know the feeling of wondering what in the world you can set aside in a given day. seems like i spent winter trying to catch up on things i meant to do in fall, and now that it’s spring… well, i wish i didn’t enjoy sleeping quite so much. potatoes are going in the ground, chicks and ducklings are growing, fences are starting to happen, all sorts of baby plants and trees are on the way… at least i have friends on the way as well. hopefully you are finding all the help you need in nourishing your home this spring.

  7. Lori says:

    I’ve been MIA here on this end for a few days myself and was excited to see 2 new entries 🙂 Thanks for squeezing in a post. On my way to read the next “yea”

  8. Jeni says:

    I’m so happy to hear your back! You guys rock on putting your family and homestead needs first.

    Hope that puppy finds a good home. Maybe he heard how wonderful your place is and figured he would “run away” to it!

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