I fell in love with braids when I was  little girl after reading “Little House” Series    I sooo wanted long hair like “Half-Pint”… and we all know Laura wanted gold hair like Mary.

The pioneers were practical in their hairdos – didn’t have any beauty salons out there in the prairie.  Not only that,  braiding hair is an ancient art that can be traced back to early Egyptian times.

And braids are just like clothes, having gone in and out of fashion over the centuries.  Today, you’ll see stylish braids sported by actresses on the red carpet; bu,t in the every day world, well, you just don’t see many women wearing them – unless maybe at a wedding or prom.

I don’t have time  to cut my hair anymore (can’t sit still long enough for one!) and my long hair gets in the way of  homestead life.     Milkmaid braids are a practical and my favorite up do – easy and cool especially in summer.

I get so many compliments, from women, nonetheless.  They say they don’t see braids much around this here tinsel town.    For me, it’s about a quick and easy up do that doesn’t get in the way.

Now, some are claiming braids are “sexy.”   Who knew?  Ha! Perhaps, they should come an do some homestead chores…. get some dirt under those manicured nails. *grin*

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  1. Ginger says:

    I admired your milkmaid braids, when I met you. Even when I was a little girl with very long hair, braids didn’t work in my hair. By the end of the afternoon, hair stuck out from the braid in 1000 directions. But when my daughters were under 12, they allowed me to braid their hair. I got pretty good at French and German braiding.

  2. Ryan says:

    pretty braids

  3. Sandra Sigal says:

    Hi Anais, I have been in and out of braids all my life. I have been wearing a single braid clipped up for about the last 5 years. Some of my high school students have liked the style well enough to copy it. You are right, it is a quick and easy way to keep your hair out of the soup pot! If you ever get around to cutting your beautiful hair, remember “locks for love” (the organization that makes wigs for children that are undergoing kemotherapy).

  4. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, braids are not so much the fashion among the younger generation. I have a bible study on Friday morning and the leader of the group wears braids much of the time. Like you, she has long hair and hers reaches down to the waist. The time it takes to care for long hair has to be much greater than the care for my short on the sides and bald on the top hair. In my younger years I did go through a phase when my hair was down past my shoulders but no pony tail which was common for that time. I had that old miner look which was not in fashion during the 70s. Bell bottoms, afros, and polyester clothes were the norm during those years.

    Have a great braid day.

  5. Marie says:

    Love the braid! I don’t really buy that you don’t have time to cut your hair, though. I cut my own and the time I *save* by not having to wash and braid my mess of locks is much greater than the time it costs me to cut it (in a very simple style).

    That said, I do like letting mine grow out occasionally, too. I usually let it grow when we have excess rain water and cut it when we are in the dry season. Short hair is much more realistic when there is not water to do rinsing on occasion.

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