Homestead Crafts: Canning Lid Flower


For those of us who like to “Put Up” one can never have too many canning jars; however,  there comes a tipping point when you MUST deal with too many used lids and rims.  Well, at least for me.  LOL

I am always searching for creative crafts to use up the lid and rim stash, so a few years back I made “pumpkins” out of the rims.   They turned out really nice and I get soooo many compliments.


But what to do with the all those bags of used lids?  Sure, I re-use them to store dried beans or herbs;  but, at some point, the extra became a storage nuisance (talk to my sister!)

While doing a quick search online, I came across these cute canning lid flowers.   I didn’t have any spray paint at the time, so I saved the link and put it on my ever growing “to do” list.  

This spring, a friend of ours was moving and gave us some brightly colored spray paints – whooohooo.  I finally got out my huge stash of lids and rims and up-cycled me some crafty garden art.



With help from Jordanne, we hung them on a trellis in the garden.  I think they look so sweet and happy there. 


  1. Michele says:

    I think these are so cute! I can’t wait to upcycle my lids! I too will have to wait on spray paint. Excitedly waiting! M

    • Agzrjb2AGu says:

      The Friends of Mojave, here in California, support your efforts. We are the poster child of what happens when these projects get pushed through by leaders that don’t care about the people they are supposed to serve. We face the same arrogance in our poscaiiitnl. They will be voted out.Keep up the fight!

  2. Sandra says:

    Amazing ideas!! i really love the way you made pumpkin. I really gonna try this pumpkin shape in my garden and those lid flowers too using my favorite colors.

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