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The Art of Quilting by the West Ladies of Tennessee

With warmth, hospitality, and southern charm, the West ladies offer great insight, encouragement, and a joyful picture of family unity. Their unique and creative DVDs are sure to provide fun skills that will inspire families to work together, learn together, and enjoy homesteading skills.


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Oh man, love that treadle sewing machine (I want one – wonder if there’s any here LA?)  Quilting is another project,  as are many re-skilling ones, I hope to cross off my to do list.

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The Art of Dairy Delights

The Art of Cooking

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The Art of Gardening

The Art of  Growing Herbs

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The Art of Bread Making

The Art of Candle Making

The Art of Soap Making,

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  1. Debbie says:

    There is a treadle in LA. It’s was my mothers. It is a Singer Sewing Machine #27 with instruction book (badly falling apart). It hasn’t been used in many years and the treadle head needs to be put back in the cabinet. I used the cabinet for my electric sewing machine head. Let me know if you want it? I’m in the area (South Pasadena).

  2. theherbalkitty says:

    I ordered 6 DVD’s from Homestead Blessings. I have the ones on canning, herbs, candle making, bread making, gardening and also soap making. I highly recommend them. They are worth their weight in gold. I’m hoping to order the sewing one soon!

  3. Audra says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I am putting the DVD’s on my Wish List.

  4. Susanna says:

    I was just thinking this morning about designing a new quilt. I will have to order this one. I love these women!!!

  5. Vik says:

    There are still treadle machines out there, as the Amish around here use them. But they sometimes just convert an electric machine into a treadle machine. Any belt-driven machine can be converted (NO computerized sewing machines) and you can make it switch back and forth if you wish. I prefer electric, but would sure like to be able to convert it during long power outages.

    • Anais says:

      @Vik: Thanks for the tip.

  6. Elsa says:

    Try Lehman’s online. They have just begun to sell a modern version of a threadle machine. Or Craigslist you can find good sewing machines.

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